5 Reasons to Buy Ready to Move Flats in Bangalore

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You are now finally in a position to purchase your own home in Bangalore after years of living in a rented space. Even the real estate scene in Bangalore has touched a new high due to IT industry’s high stature due to more people moving in here.

There has been no dearth of supply when it comes to ready to move flats in Bangalore and under construction flats. Thus, you are confused about whether to book ready to move flats in Bangalore or under contraction flats.

Both, under construction flats and ready to move flats in Bangalore have own merits. Nonetheless, compared to under construction apartments, ready to move flats in Bangalore have an edge. Let’s explore more so that you can make a buying decision.

Reasons to opt for ready to move flats in Bangalore

1). No risk of delays in projects
When you decide to move in a ready to move flats in Bangalore, the biggest risk that you keep off is the project delays. As a result, you no longer have to wait for the project completion and installation of other amenities in such flats. You can just pack your bags, move in and start living. What’s more, the implementation of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) has further resulted in transparencies in project deliveries.

2). You get to buy what you see

When you decide to buy ready to move flats in Bangalore, there are some issues that you get to eliminate such as: 
  • Space uncertainty 
  • Room sizes 
  • View from your apartment 
  • Construction quality 
  • Available facilities 
Hence, one of the major benefits of buying ready to move flats in Bangalore such as Sobha Avenue is that more is that you are aware of what you will get. Yes, the decision is not based on what’s shown in mere layouts and sample flats. As a result, you could be sure of what you saw once you visited to your prospective flat.

3). Get immediate possession

Why still pay rent after you have booked your flats when you can simply pack your bags and move ready to move flats in Bangalore? Yes, one of the many benefits of opting for a ready to move flats in Bangalore is that you get its quick possession. People with an immediate need who can’t afford EMIs and rent, a ready to move flat works great!

4). Get rental income

Even if you have purchased a ready to move flat in Bangalore and still don’t want to move in, you can still gain some monthly profits. Yes, you can buy it for investment purposes and start earning rental income soon after buying ready to move flats. Rentals can help you pay off the EMI if you have availed a loan to fund your dream home. As a result, you can continue managing your monthly expenses without worrying about the monthly EMI payment.

5). Save GST

If you buy an under construction flat, you will need to pay 12% as GST which is charged over and above the property. As compared to the same, no GST as of now is applicable on ready to move flats. Hence, it reduces your overall financial outlays.

Some of the significant reasons you should go for ready to move flats in Bangalore are now discussed. If you are still confused, you can contact a real estate expert and know more.

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