Getting Started
AskOpinion is a discussion platform where public ranks each option. It is like taking a poll on an issue and seeing what percentage of people support each option. On every topic there is qualitative as well as quantitave feedback on options.
They are essentially the same. If user wants to get opinion on any topic, they can create a poll with possible options.
Yes, anyone can create poll for free.
You can ask question by creating poll or survey by clicking link "Ask Question" in header.
Poll is like a single question and Survey has multiple question. In essence multiple poll on related topics makes a survey.
The registered users accumulate points for all their activities like giving opinion, asking questions etc. The leaderboard ranks users who are most active.
Below are the points for each activity:
Ask Question 20 Points
Create Survey 50 Points
Give an Answer On Question 5 Points
Give an Answer On Survey 20 Points
Give an Comment On Question 10 Points
Vote on Comments 1 Point
Profile Completion 100% 2000 Points
Profile Completion 80% 1000 Points
Connect with Social Media 2000 Points
Refer a Friend 5 Points
Top Answer Bonus Point(On post Ending) 100 Points
Qualify Question as Hot Question by Admin 50 Points
Qualify Question as Rapid fire Question by Admin 20 Points
Private polls are visible only by invitation. When user creates private poll they enter list of email addresses of participants who they want should participate in the poll. The selected participants receive an email with a link which they can click and participate in the survey.
This can be a great tool for companies to take private feedback from employees or customers.
It can also be for small polling or elections between trade associations, residential societies or student bodies.

In order to get better visibility and increase user participation, companies or individuals can run polls with some monetary rewards. In such polls the users whose comments get maximum likes will be regarded.
The total reward amount gets distributed in following manner:

Participant with most liked response gets 50% of total reward amount
Participant with second most liked response gets 25% of total reward amount
Participant with third most liked response gets 15% of total reward amount
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