Are Google Drive Files Safe, Secure & Private?

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Are Google Drive Files Safe, Secure & Private?

A file storage and synchronization service, Google Drive has helped its users in saving and sharing their files on the cloud since 2012. The Drive also allows you a backup protection in case you lose some of your important data.

However, with this service, there is a chance that your data is not as private and secure as you want it to be. Along with an understanding of the Google Drive security, here are some tips to make your Google Drive safer:-

Ways In Which Google Drive Provides Security

#1. TLS Standard

Google Drive follows a Transport Layer Security for the data stored on it. This provides privacy for your data.

#2. Metadata

In order to provide more security, Google Drive does not only encrypt your data but also encrypts the information that pertains to it.

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#3. Re Encrypting Of Data

As your data reaches Google Drive, it gets encrypted and then re encrypted in order to avoid possible leakage of the data.

#4. Two Factor Authentication

Google Drive supports the two-factor authentication method. This minimizes the risk of getting your password stolen by adding another layer of security to your account.

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Reasons Why Google Drive Is Unsafe

#1. Customizing Search Results

Google Drive scans and examines all the data you upload to it in order to provide you customized search results and advertisement.

#2. License To Use Your Data

Do you think no one can use your data on Google Drive? Well, Google Drive holds a license to use your data in various ways.

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#3. When You Are No Longer A User

Do you think it is impossible to use your data when you stop using Google Drive? Surprisingly, Google can use your data even when you no longer use the services.

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#4. Third Parties

You are highly mistaken if you think that your data is completely private on Google Drive. It does allow unspecified third parties to use your data.

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Tips To Make Your Google Drive More Secure

#1. Pre Encrypting The Files

In order to minimize the risk of data leakage on Google Drive, it is recommended to encrypt your files beforehand either manually or with the help of external encryption tools.

 #2. Google Account Password

It is imperative for you to use a high-quality password. A password which is simple and easy to guess will render all of the pre encryption efforts in vain.

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#3. Don’t Use It On Phone Or Tablet

Avoid using Google Drive on your phone or tablet as anyone who uses your device can get the access to your data saved on the Drive. Even if you use Google Drive on your phone, make sure that you sign out when you are finished using it.

#4. Wireless Network

In order to keep your data protected from any possible harm, it is recommended not to use Google Drive on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

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#5. Permission Settings

People often end up giving permission to unnecessary applications and services to view and read their data. For a high Google Drive security, you need to be cautious with the authorization settings.

If you know other ways to make Google Drive more secure, we would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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