The perks of travelling solo

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The perks of travelling solo

Very few things in life are as enjoyable as traveling. It packs in adventure, thrill, excitement and the possibility of a new horizon all in one activity. But before zeroing on the destination, it somewhat becomes a greater and far more essential decision to plan out your budget and traveling companions. Personally, it does bring me immense joy to travel alone.

Though I have had only a few opportunities to do it, I have learned greatly from my solo trips. I realized a lot of things: from the kind of places I wanted to visit; to the overall perks of being your own master, from managing your time; to largely understanding yourself.

So why am I talking so highly of traveling alone when being with other people in a different, new city obviously makes more sense? Are there any reasons/perks? If so, what are these advantages? Let us see.

a. Planning the trip

a. Planning the trip

To begin with, this is so much easier. Consider this; You are traveling with five other people. Every proposal small or big needs to be told and agreed upon by all the group members. You just can’t go ahead and decide something for everyone without knowing if they are all okay with it!

b. Or don’t bother planning at all

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes all the planning forces us to neglect that essential thing traveling primarily brings: relaxation. With too many heads overseeing the where-to-go and what-to-do, there’s bound to be too many plans to fulfill. 

These situations force us to ignore the fact that we were there to let loose and soak up all the incredible newness and beauty of a foreign place and not just live by a to-do list of a bunch of people. Run with the flow, folks!

c. This way you get to move out of your niche

Traveling alone could enable you to drift out of your comfort zone and socialize with natives and other fellow travelers. This would not only provide you with a huge boost in self-confidence but also ensure that you make new acquaintances and be a part of a journey greater than your own.

d. Traveling solo wouldn’t make a big dent in your wallet

Well who are you kidding, traveling can be expensive, especially if we are going by the bucket lists. But you could save yourself some bucks if you ditched the group idea and stuck with yourself. Being alone would mean, traveling completely by your own rules and agendas and one could save a lot by that.

e. You get to have the coveted me-time

Traveling therapy is no longer such an understatement these days and for good reason. Journeying to new places and experiencing new incidents can really have a positive influence on us as individuals who are constantly boxed inside an anxiety-ridden schedule. 

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