Are tuitions making students dumber?

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Are tuitions making students dumber?

Out of the most of our life education has the widest impression overall and why not it takes away the most important years of our life. But learning begins way earlier, even before we realize we are learning. Since our birth we start to learn, I am not vaguely claiming it but the science! 

To learn is not education; it is a part of the education we gradually develop throughout. And it majorly begins at school, where we learn academics besides basic momentary learning. But how important is academics in our lives? Not so much that we need/require tuition classes.

Most of us are bound to argue on the statement blaming our brains and claiming it not to be equivalent. True! Every individual has different capabilities. Some students are smart and bright while some are weak in academics. The smarter kids manage to score well while the weaker kids put their parents to worry. The majority of the parents who think their kids are not good or average at academics enroll them in tuition classes. 

How justified is that? Aren’t the school hours enough for supplementing academic knowledge? According to some, it is not, as most of us (parents) want to see our kids as doctors and engineers. In India, parents have pre -conceived notions on rankings and career. There lies no career for the kid who is weak in academics; a weaker kid is bound to struggle and hence tuitions are necessary (sarcasm)!

Let’s talk about the tuitions classes and how helpful are they? Each tuition classes these days have an enrolment of around 7-8 kids or more, the tutor with subsequent 4-5 batches and an enrollment of 7-8 kids per class is still unable to sustain individual attention to each kid. And most of all, parents prefer school teachers to procure the ‘tutor’ title in greed of better grades. 

The trend is to follow the other kids with their heavy school bags to tuition classes after school, pull out their notebooks, get done with their home works, take assignments and return home, work on school homework and tuition assignments leaving no time for outdoor activities or rest. The child fails to bring any major change in his scores; he becomes more inactive in classes during school and gets totally dependent on tuitions. While in tuition classes too they don’t get the full attention. Such kids become weaker physically, mentally and academically as they are unable to progress in any which.

If not the tuitions then what can be the succeeding solution to the kids with little or no academic record? Individual attention or help to build concentration through different techniques! What most they require is individual attention in building more focus/attention and concentration in an activity. Saying that it’s not solely an individual game, the game points also require an understanding from parents. 

They need to understand there is much more in career besides engineering and doctorate, kids who are not good at academics might excel in some other genre. What they require is a little attention and support to excel more in the field of their choice. The other important thing to see is if the child faces any difficulty in reading or writing. It is important to check if they have any reading or writing disorder. This is one of the major areas to look upon. Many parents fail to acknowledge any issue with their kids. The term ‘disorder’ is looked down in our society while it may be a serious issue and might need urgent attention.

Also, there are these grooming and concentration development classes which have been started for kids in different states and cities which can again be helpful. These centers study the case of each kid and develop a report pointing and drawing the areas that need to be improved. Further, they work with the kid to improve these areas through multiple brain exercises and physical activities. 

They also develop a report on progress from each week and involve parents in citing those records. This course can extend from three to six months depending upon the areas to be worked upon. This is a lot more helpful than tuition classes which only look at academics and no brain activity of concentration development.

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