Dump Your Old Stuff! Explore 9 Best Websites To Sell 'Used Items'

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Dump Your Old Stuff! Explore 9 Best Websites To Sell 'Used Items'

Planning to get rid of your old stuff? Apart from Olx and Quikr, there are plenty of sites that offer a sale of fresh and used products.

Check out the list below to find out more.

#1. BookScouter (To sell used books)

This one is one of the best platforms to get rid of your old books. You just need to enter the ISBN of the book you are trying to sell and hit the submit button. BookScouter then searches from about 40 online book-buy-back sites and provides you the best selling price for your books. After you pick the site you want to sell your book at, you just need to send the book to them using the prepaid shipping label that is provided by them and get your money.

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#2. Couture Boutique (To sell designer handbags, jewelry, and accessories)

It is one of the largest designer luxury boutiques in the world. This site offers the best price for your once dearly loved handbag or a piece of jewelry that was close to your heart. To do that, you just need to fill the Quote Request Form with the necessary information related to your product along with a few photos. The company usually responds in 48 hours. If the offer suits you, just print the agreement, sign it and ship it to their headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

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#3. CoupRecoup (To sell coupons)

All of us have bought those discount coupons to buy branded bags and hot dresses. But there are times when you are unable to avail them. Instead of letting them sit back in your drawer and expire, you can just sell them off. Use CoupRecoup to sell your unused coupons and earn some money out of it. Great Deal!

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#4. StubHub (To sell tickets)

Are you planning on ditching the concert night and just watch Netflix in your PJ’s? But what about the tickets that you bought last weekend? Here’s good news! Your money will not go in the vain as StubHub has got it covered for you! The site lets you sell the unused event tickets to potential buyers.

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#5. Gift Card Granny (To sell unwanted gift cards)

Now you can get rid of those useless and boring gift cards that you received on your last birthday. Just log onto Gift Card Granny and sell your gift cards for up to 93.4 percent of the gift card value.

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#6. NextWorth (Sell electronics)

If you are bored of using your old straightener but have no money to buy a new one, here’s a solution. Just sell your old one on NextWorth and get money for your next purchase. You can mail your item to the site or instead trade them in the Target for store credit. It will save you from the hassle of getting involved in the complicated process of paying for postage.

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#7. Plato’s Closet (To sell clothes locally)

Planning to dump your old jeans? Give it a second thought! Think about making some money out of your old clothes by selling them on Plato’s Closet. They accept all branded used clothes; be it a dress, shorts, shoes, hats or even t-shirts. So don’t wait and go sell. Make some space for your new Valentino!

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#8. Facebook

Get over just chatting on Facebook. It has more uses. Make a Facebook page, post your product and sell your things. Your friends will get notifications of your updates and will definitely buy your product. And it is always better to sell to a known face than strangers, right?

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#9. Amazon

Amazon is one of the most popular sites to sell your products. The process is simple and secure. You can simply send your product to the Amazon warehouse before the sale takes place. This will make Amazon responsible for shipping it, once it is sold. Amazon takes into consideration all products ranging from fashion, stationery to kitchen items.

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Which site do you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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