8 Brilliant Slam Poets Who Inspire The Masses With Their Expression

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8 Brilliant Slam Poets Who Inspire The Masses With Their Expression

Slam has been a revolutionary movement in the world of poetry. The key aspect of slam poetry is a powerful performance without the use of any prop. The poets are judged for their sense of expression and presentation. In a span of good 150-minutes, slam poets enthrall the audience with their outstanding performances. 

Various slam poets all-over the world have made their name with their powerful, intense and moving performance. From the like of Sarah Key to Miko Berry and Saul Williams winning the hearts of millions with their thought-provoking poetry, we're made to believe that poetry is nothing but art in true form.  Here are some of the iconic slam poets who got slam poetry in vogue:-

#1. Hollie McNish

The British poet won the UK Slam Poetry Competition in the year 2009 and also got a collection of stories published later in 2012. Her poetry usually revolves around the current events and happenings. Her notable work includes ‘Mathematics’, a poem about immigration to the UK. Find the link to the intriguing poem below.

#2. Miko Berry

The most striking aspect of Miko Berry’s poetry is the tone of honesty. Berry has also been a European Slam Poetry Champion in the year 2015. His most popular poem till date is ‘150 Seconds. What made the poem remarkable is that it took exact 150 seconds to recite the poem, which is actually all the time you are given in a slam poetry competition. Here is the link to 150 seconds of poetic delight.

#3. Jenny Lindsay

Jenny Lindsay is best-known for making a social commentary through her poems. While her writing style includes dry humor, she also follows a narrative technique in her poetry. Her notable work includes the poem ‘No Ball Games’, which intrigues her fans with an interesting description of an event. Follow the link to enjoy Lindsay’s poetry.

#4. Steven Camden

Camden goes by the stage name Polarbear and he is one of the most popular small poets of UK. He has been performing at an International level now. One of his commendable poems includes ‘Jessica’. The poem is a representation of Camden’s relationship with his son and wife. Here is the link to Steven Camden’s poetry.

#5. Big Poppa E

Eric Ott who goes by the stage name Big Poppa E is best known for blending the three elements of stand-up comedy, dramatic monologue, and of course poetry in his stage performances. He is often referred to as the pioneer of new men’s movement and his work is seen as an icon for the effeminate. His most laudable poem includes ‘Wussy Boy Manifesto'. Click on the link below to get a glimpse of the iconic poet’s performance.

#6. Saul Williams

Saul Williams is one of the most revered names in the world of slam poetry. What he does on stage, cannot be defined with a single term of spoken word poetry, as he is a striking combination of a poet, performer, and musician. Check out his commendable work by following the link below.

#7. Mayda Del Valle

Mayda Del Valle is the youngest Latina poet to grab a Grand Slam title. Apart from her numerous titles and accolades, she was also invited to perform at the White House for the Obamas. Her most remarkable work till now has been the poem ‘To All The Boys I have Loved Before’. Follow the link below to find her poetry.

#8. Georgia Me

Tampa Harper goes by the stage name Georgia Me. Her poems are usually based on her personal experiences which make them all the more relatable for her audience. The popular ghetto bell has grabbed numerous awards and accolades including the Tony, Emmy, and Bafta. Here is the link to her brilliant on stage performance.

We would love to hear from you. Tell us who your favorite slam poet is. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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