Can Vijender Singh take the World Championship title in professional boxing?

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Can Vijender Singh take the World Championship title in professional boxing?

From his early days of boxing in Haryana in the late 90s, Vijender Singh Beniwal has come a long way to become WBO’s Asia-Pacific Super Middleweight Champion.

 With his one-sided bout with challenger Francis Cheka on December 17th, Vijender successfully managed to defend his title against the Tanzanian in under 10-minutes. Those who watched the match will agree that not only was Vijender faster than Cheka, he was literally toying with the challenger in the ring.

There are a few who are jumping the gun & asking if Vijender Singh can take the ‘World Championship’ title.

With an enviable professional boxing record of 8-0, of which 7 were knockouts, the former Olympic Bronze medalist has not just fought in front of the home crowds, but 5 of his 8 bouts have been away from home.

Currently, Vijender Singh ranks 11th in Super Middleweight category of the World Boxing Organization (WBO). Frankly, it still too early to say, anything about his chances at the ‘World Championship’ title. It goes with saying that he will require lots of preparation to become 'world champion'. Although agility is on his side, he seems callous with his defence.

 Vijender fights in the ‘Super Middleweight’ category. It is also important to know if he plans to move to the upper weight categories i.e. ‘Light Heavyweight’, ‘Junior Heavyweight’ & finally the ‘Heavyweight’.

With his promoters still undecided about his next fight, Vijender still has a long road ahead. There are speculations that he might challenge the ‘Commonwealth’ champion, Luke Blackledge, or the ‘Intercontinental’ champion, Robin Krasniqi. Reports suggest that he may even be eligible for the ‘European Championship’.

It's only a matter of time before the dust settles & the next fight is announced. It remains to be seen if he can reach the pinnacle of boxing glory & prove that truly the ‘Singh Is King’.

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