Can you please edit and fix some of the awkward sentence in this poem? It is suppose to be symbolic.

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I am a like scientific soldier fighting against the clock “tick, tock, tick, tock”
On a quest for knowledge but its seeming like I’ve reached a roadblock
My brain is overheating, it’s burning
The void of desolation that is my mind is incapable of learning
My lack of concentration is causing me great dissatisfaction yet I cannot do anything
I have gone foraging far from family for a forgotten feeling of familiarity and found nothing
I feel like a speck: uninfluential, irrelevant, and unimportant
Knowledge is everywhere yet I remain oblivious to it all
Knowledge is the only path to my future but the road is long and I don’t have the time to follow it
Knowledge is the key to my success but it is too dark for me to find it
I feel like there is no point to it all if I can’t know it all
My apathy is like a rope binding me down, strapping me to my seat
“Tick, tick, tick” clicks the bomb inside my head
Counting down ‘til time my time runs out and I no longer have the opportunity to find the key
The light bulb doesn’t see to be clicking
Instead, it sputters revealing but a glimmer of hope before going dark once again
But in that darkness, I see something that was invisible to me before
Across the room, there seems to be something more, maybe a door--an escape route from this mental blackout
Through the door I go and awaits me, the vivid, colourful scenery of nature and the near blinding yet refreshingly warm sunlight
Only now do I realize, life is like a puzzle; the true pleasure comes trying to piece it together and succeeding rather than the final product
I am like a butterfly; I have gone from simply living without purpose to falling into a cocoon of desperation before finally emerging from the depths of this despair as more, yet less, than before
After quite a bit of struggle, I have gone from being a scientific soldier--inexperienced and mindless--to a scientific warrior--capable and knowledgeable about the extent of my abilities 
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