Criteria for choosing a lender for Loan against Shares

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Criteria for choosing a lender for Loan against Shares

With the implementation of some crucial reforms by the Indian government, market trading has led to breakthrough investment schemes. There is a high probability of you too investing in a timely manner in mutual funds, scripts and bonds, and various insurance policies. Here is one more thing that you need to know, apart from getting high rates of return, you can also use this valuable investment portfolio to avail loan against securities to fulfill your financial needs.

Now that you are aware that loan against shares can be availed, you now need to be aware of some of the pointers for availing loan against securities:

Selecting an appropriate lender

Do ensure that you select an ideal lender who can give you a good rate. Check for all the guidelines set by the lender that govern the policies of investments that they accept. An ideal lender will be ready to roll out a loan for various investments such as mutual funds, bonds, fixed maturity investments, IPOs, retail and HNI shares, insurance policies from partner companies, and more.

Flexible payback options

Look out for a lender that offers you breathing space to repay back the loan. An ideal repayment period will range from 12 to 36 months. Some loan against shares process from some companies offers you an additional part prepayment and foreclosure charges. This means you are capable of paying the loans before time if you have surplus cash to roll out.

Understand the eligibility criteria and a process time of the loan

When you do research and analyze a lender for Loan against securities, you should be aware of the criteria that go into the availability of the loan. Different companies provide different criteria. For e.g. some organizations quote a legal age of 21 to be eligible for applying for a loan. You should also be drawing a regular income as a professional or self-employed individual.

Keeping some of these few pointers in mind will help you secure a loan against securities with relative ease. The leverage your urge to get a loan, JMFL is one such organization that can help you acquire it through a loan against shares. Our meticulous guidance and their well-experienced team of professionals have assisted many in the process of acquiring loans. So, do visit their website to find out more about us and we will be glad to assist you.

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