What's the Difference between Million & Billion?

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What's the Difference between Million & Billion?

You know a fun fact about numbers? They never get exhausted! There are always numbers available to refer to any figure that comes to your mind. In the pool of these large and long figures, we keep hearing these two words all the time. These words are million vs. billion.  

There are many people who have achieved the title of the millionaire, but there are only a few who have touched the golden figure of ‘a billion’. By now, you must have understood that in the fight of one million vs one billion, million is smaller.

Million vs. Billion Difference

Both of them are large numbers but, the key difference between million vs. billion is that million is 10^6 or 1000000 and billion is 10^9 or 1000000000. One can easily remember the million vs. billion difference if we go back to the origin of these words.

million vs billion

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Million is derived from a Latin word ‘millian’ which means a great thousand. Whereas billion originated from French where ‘bi’, means two, and ‘illion’ that ultimately meant a thousand million.

One Million Vs One Billion

Referring to one million vs. one billion in figures will become extremely complex and confusing. In order to make the things easy and simple, we refer to them as million and billion.

Did you know the difference already or don't, either way, let us know through the Comments section below!

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