How many Stitches are there on a Baseball?

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How many Stitches are there on a Baseball?

A bat and ball game, Baseball is played by two teams having nine players each. The sport is quite popular in the countries like the United States and Canada. The paraphernalia required to play the game is not as plain as it appears to be. It is, in fact, quite carefully designed with its intricate base ball stitches

To put things into perspective, here is your answer to how many stitches are there in a baseball. Along with it, also find an amusing Baseball trivia:-

How many Stitches are there in a Baseball?

Stitching is quite an essential feature of a baseball. Not only does it have a binding impact on the ball, but it also helps the baseball to soar along with the wind, thereby making the game more interesting.

 To answer the question at hand, there are a total number of 108 double stitches or 216 individual stitches in a baseball which are sewn using an 88-inch long red thread. Interestingly, the first and the last stitch are usually hidden.

Baseball Trivia

#1. MLB Baseballs

The baseballs used in Major League Baseball games are rubbed using a specific type of mud and only the person who provides it to MLB each game season is aware of the location where the mud can be found.

MLB Baseballs

(Image Courtesy: Rawlings)

#2. World War II

Baseballs came in handy in the Second World War when the US military designed baseball sized grenades so that the American soldiers were able to throw it to the best of their potential.

#3. A Bizarre way to get Better Grip

Numerous Baseball players like Moises Alou and Jorge Posada have revealed that they peed on their hands during the season to get a tough grip.

#4. Baseball Cards

You can find the world’s biggest collection of Baseball cards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The museum houses around 31,000 Baseball cards.

Baseball Cards

(Image Courtesy: The Baseball Cardshop Online Store)

#5. The Straw Hats

The Knickerbockers put on the first Baseball uniform in the year 1848. Interestingly, the uniform also included straw hats.

#6. A Cage for the Catcher

It was proposed in 1904 that instead of a glove and a helmet, a catcher could use a wired cage as a gear. However, it did not work out.

#7. Number of baseballs used in a season

How many baseballs do you think are used during an MLB season? Well, a season of baseball ends up using a large number of approximately 160,000 baseballs.

#8. A War Rule

MLB made a rule during the World War II that in the case of enemy bombing, the team which would be leading after five innings would be declared as the winning team.

#9. A Bizarre Rule for Umpire

MLB Umpires have to follow the bizarre rule of wearing black underwear only in case they rip their pants.

stitches on a baseball

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