Reasons why guitar is popular

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The guitar is definitely the most popular musical instrument of the world. Although there are several other beautiful instruments like violin, saxophone, flute, santoor, sitar etc., nothing comes close to the popularity of the guitar.

Let’s look at the reasons of the popularity of the guitar

1. Can be used at various music platforms

Guitar is such an instrument that can be used at various music platforms. Whether it is pop, ghazal or rock, guitar can be used in all kinds of platforms. A talented guitarist can easily adapt Rock or Ragas, Blues or Bollywood, Jazz or Classical.

2. Both rhythms and leads

Guitar can play both rhythms and leads unlike violin or sitar that are only capable of playing leads.

3. Stylish and tough

Guitar is considered to be a very stylish musical instrument. It is often associated with glamour. It is also light weighted and therefore, it can be carried everywhere. Moreover, the guitar is a tough instrument and therefore, it won’t break easily. There are many musical instruments that are very delicate and therefore, have to be handled with care. You don’t have to worry about carrying a guitar everywhere.

4. Economical

Guitar is a very economical instrument. You can buy a guitar at 2000 INR. It doesn’t require high maintenance. If you compare the price of a guitar with other instruments such as piano or sitar, you can understand that it is so easy to buy a guitar.

5. Faster Results

If you practice playing the guitar everyday for 3 months, you will be able to play it. It is not as difficult as playing tabla or sitar.

These are some of the reasons why the guitar is the most popular musical instrument. 

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