Should Lionel Messi come back?

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Should Lionel Messi come back?
Lionel Messi is football superstar of Barcelona.But he has announced his retirement. Many of people from his fan base are upset and sad due to his retirement as he was their superhero. He could not bear the defeat and disappointing millions of fans.
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Messi, the greatest player ever to walk on this planet is better off without all the negative publicity, the pressure, and the drama called Argentinas National Team. I think this is good for him.


I wish that Messi would reconsider his decision. I have enjoyed him playing for almost a decade in Argentina and Spain. He should be considered one of the greatest. It would be a great loss for all if he were give up because of a game. Sr. Messi, there are many more opportunities to go! from a person born in Chile and raised in the Great USA!

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