What skills separate good students from bad students?

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What skills separate good students from bad students?
People say that student life is the best part of our life. No worries, no responsibilities. All that one has to do is to score good marks and be a ‘good student’! Well nobody realizes what efforts it needs to be a ‘good student’ as it is not always about scoring good marks. It is something much more than marks; a student has to be overall good to be called a ‘good student.' Here are some skills that separate good students from bad students based on the general trend of society which is not absolute. 

There is a general tendency among the students that being a teacher’s pet is the key to becoming a good student, but the truth is completely different. Being a teacher myself I can very well make out who is trying to be a teacher’s pet and who is genuinely expressing his or her thoughts and trust me on that even your teachers can very well understand the same.

Be real and genuine, everyone on this earth likes genuine people and if someone does not like you there is some problem with that person not with you, but always remember that it is not necessary to be rude to be genuine you should be humble and polite while putting your point of view in front of others.

Every one of us has met that student who is always the first one to raise the hand in the class except for going to the washroom! And trust me I know that is something frustrating and annoying but guys that do help. Teachers always love active and participating students rather than the lazy potatoes sitting at the backbench and fooling around trying to act cool in front of his friends. Participation spirit is something that will take you through a long run in life.

So not only do it for being a good student but also for being a successful person in life and never let failures hold you back. but remember your activities should be logical. Don't raise your hands on each and every word your teacher utters and become a subject of irritation rather than appreciation.

“If you keep a rotten apple in a basket of fresh apples it will make the fresh apples rotten”. We were all told about this by our teachers in one of our moral science classes in third or fourth grade but how many of us do remember that? And how many of us can implement this in life while choosing our friends? NO BODY. Choosing the right person always is not possible but leaving a wrong person is a more important decision that one can take.

One of the major skills of good students is that they do not participate or encourage people who cause any nuisance just for the sake of peer pressure for being accepted by a cool group in class. They would rather sit at a corner solving math problems than creating a nuisance and insulting teachers for sake of fun.

Parents play a major role in creating good students at home but nowadays even parents fail to give them the right piece of advice. They force them to run in the never ending rat race which either they could not complete or excelled. In all this running a student fails to learn the morals in life and merely becomes a machine driven by books.

Parents should understand that each and every student has his race to run and if they are forced to take part in another race that may only give them temporary victory sometimes but they will fail in the long run. A parent should talk with their children and try to understand their goals and ideas and then push them into doing something.

Children are like wet clay; they take up the shape in which their society molds them. Being a good student is not the responsibility of the student alone. He cannot develop the skills all by himself. Being a good person is more important than being a good student and its high time society should recognize this fact. If parents and teachers focus on making good persons rather than good students, it will eventually make them good students and great men in future.

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