• About Self
    • My name is Soumendra Nath Some. I born on February 9th, 1995, currently a student of final year business management, BBA (H) under MAKAUT University and also stable with my passion freelancing.

      I am a very less talkative but candid kind of person who loves to stream with studies, work and engaged with lots of hobbies. But besides calling them hobby, I would heartily state them my passion. I am very practical, logical, straightforward, focused, & observation, commitment oriented person. I never believe any supernatural attributes, and don’t like any hypocritical people. I don’t have any personal issue with supernatural stuff, but only if it concerns to prove me with 100% logic then I will believe it. I am very critics oriented and love to judge each fact around me, but that doesn’t mean I disturb people with my thoughts.
      Meeting new peoples, gaining experience from them are heartfelt for me. I am a movie & music worm, hip hop/art/commercial, all I in-heal in my mind and try to utilize them with practical life. I am very much into creativity; making tattoos, arts, writings, thinking, judging the quality of movies, music and arts are my love.

      I am highly dedicated & motivated with my work and education. I do freelancing for my passion, that's not only a passion of writing; this is the passion of work & money. I am highly keen to work, to learn, to develop my skills & education each second. I love to be busy; being treated as an exclusive asset of my association.

      My mental stability- "So far my work, class, and education are concerned with the supreme level of demand orientations, that far I am going to stream in the industry as well as in the world", otherwise it’s all over. I am in the business education because that attracts me very much and each aspect of the business is loveable to me. Rewards, appreciation, appraisals, and respect makes me richer to provide the best.

      I believe in money more than love, because in love there is never 100% guarantee, but money is your slave. That doesn't mean, I am a selfish or harmful guy, after all, there is something called humanity, and I think I have it totally and I know how to respect each soul.
    • Hobbies
    • Movies, Music, Drawing Tattoos, Writing, Reading Legendary Books, Arguments on logic, Working for Targets, Research on Hard Matters, Study on Practical Matters & Observing, Computer and Technology, General Knowledge, Physics, Psychology etc.
    • Favourite movies
    • There are Many!
    • Favourite Tv show
    • The Anupama Chopra Show, Aap Ki Adalat, Coffie With Karan, The NewsHour Debate, Man vs. Wild etc etc.
    • Favourite Actor/Actress
    • Aamir Khan
    • Favourite books
    • There are Many!
    • What would like to change about the world
    • Mentality. The way of Thinking.
    • Thing that make angry
    • Dishonesty
    • Message to the world
    • Love yourself very much! But don't become that selfish.