The Battle Over Investment Banking And How To Win

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Investment banking is a lucrative field for sure and many investment banking courses have been introduced in the market to help the newbies. However, it is also a fact that due to the recent financial crisis, many investment banks find themselves striving for seeking the right deal and talent. Now, what is the exact reason for this? Actually, the point is that many newbies do not even understand what is investment banking actually?

Well, like any other field, there are some points and tips that can lend a helping hand in winning the current battle being fought among the investment bankers. These tips are basically tried and tested ways of attracting new talents and getting more business.

Here are the tips to include in your investment banking business to leave behind your competitors in the race.

Pitch is all that matters

It is a suggestion often given by experts pertaining to the investment banking meaning that bankers often win over their clients by pitching them. Well, it is an unfortunate fact that this advice is not correct. It is the same as stating that you can get into Oxford or Cambridge by submitting a fairly good application. Though this is technically true it is not the correct story. Moreover, no investment banking course will teach you this. The application for getting the application in the prestigious university is critical but if your essay is not good, it can screw your application as well. The same goes for investment banking. Your pitch should be on point if you want to win that deal.

Lead Generation

A ‘lead’ in sales is basically a potential customer – someone who might sign up for the services that you are offering. The same goes for investment banking. In fact, this is an important aspect of investment banking meaning. However, if your leads are less in number, your strategies will not work properly. Thus, you need to work tirelessly on your leads if you want to gain success in the field.

What actually does not work?

Many of us are not even aware of the fact that what is investment banking? Many of us even confuse it with other fields. However, the field of investment banking is not similar to other marketing sectors. Strategies such as online marketing, posting flyers, tv, radio, mail advertising do not often work. Many of the investment bankers even try to make use of Google AdWords for marketing themselves which often does not work. In fact, none of these impersonal strategies will work correctly.

It is always imperative to form a correct connection with your clients. A personal meeting, chatting with them over a cup of coffee can do wonders for your deals.


Another impactful way of making deals is through referrals. Have a meeting with your friends, have a look at what portfolio firms they are offering, what sectors are they interested in and with whom have they been talking too lately. This will assist you in getting many important deals and that too genuine ones. All these can be inculcated through the various investment banking courses.

Cold calling or Emailing

Though cold calling is less effective in making proper deals, sometimes it works well. Cold calling is not a common process in small and middle market private equity companies. Most of these firms are in fact notorious for making cold calling their clients the entire day. However, many smaller firms also believe in cold calling to market themselves to their clients. Another imperative method often adopted by these smaller companies is emailing their prospective clients and in most of the cases, it works properly as well.

Work on People Development

Investment banking also works properly on basic people management disciplines. These include both soft metrics as well as hard metrics. Also personalized development and learning offer necessary compliance strategies that can assist you in being successful at investment banking. It needs recognizing high performing individuals and lending a helping hand in winning over the battles.

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