What are the qualities in your employees that really affect your business?

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What are the qualities in your employees that really affect your business?

Employers look for employees with characteristics that will make the business run successfully.

Good employees are needed whether the business is big or small. However, small businesses will have a major impact if they have bad employees compared to the big businesses.

Businessmen looking for employees not only want them to do their job perfectly but also should possess attributes that are less tangible which are referred to as soft skills and are personality driven and are difficult to quantify.

The key qualities or attributes that the employees should possess are:

1. Ambitious – Employees who are ambitious will work for the betterment of the company or for making their way for moving ahead in the corporate ladder. They will always set goals and expectations for themselves and which will improve the company’s growth. Ambition also imposes some of the other qualities in the person including openness, creative ideas, and initiative attitude. However, the candidate with ambition should also have emotional intelligence too.

2. Confident – A confident employee is always ready to take up the risks and challenges which are needed for growing the business. The employee can even deal with the clients and make them feel assured about their business – relationship which will bring prosperity to both the parties.

3. Humble – Confident employee should also be humble, as one who goes on boasting about any accomplishments will not be fit for any kind of job profile in the company. The candidate who will prove that they are hard-working with their commendable work is preferred compared to the one who only converses through words and does not work for it. Thus, any company will not entertain employees who are arrogant.

4. Committed/Passionate – All the employees will support and require employees who are willing to do more work which is not in his/her job profile with confidence. Employees who are passionate will not feel the burden of any kind of work allotted to him and will put his hundred percent in order to accomplish the task irrespective of the difficulty level.

5. Reliable – Employees who is capable of handling all kinds of tasks within the stipulated timeframe and informs the authorities when he is facing some difficulties in accomplishing the task at hand and thus keeps the deadline of the task which will result in keeping the clients also happy are the reliable employees which every employer will want in their company.

6. Positive – Any individual hates being around any person who is negative or just unhappy all the time, be it a colleague or employer. The positive and happy behavior of individuals acts like contagious feelings that will spread within the environment and will light up the workplace with its positivist. A person who is positive all the time will be capable of handling the most tedious and menial task with happiness and will work for it with full excitement and efficiency. These employees are also capable of analyzing any problem and provide suggestions and solutions for solving and overcoming the problems, which every employer will appreciate. People who are optimistic are a boon for the team and thus improve the culture and work environment.

7. Self – motivated – Employees who are self-motivated does not require any pushing to start or move ahead for any task. They themselves perform the work be it current or outstanding work and prove themselves with their consistent work and great stamina. They also help the co-workers by making the model or format which they can follow, so that the company’s work goes on smoothly. They are ready to take all the criticism from higher authorities and work for improving it. They are persistent in their work and also update their knowledge in relation to the current scenario.

8. Hardworking – Employees who work hard are the ones who analyze the situation and work accordingly, even when it comes to working late during some important projects or deadlines.

9. Team Spirit – Any individual will give its best when working alone, but the importance of working in a company is working with same pace and confidence in a team. Every team member should be patient, tolerant and should also possess good social skills. Team spirit is working together and this is advantageous for individuals and also for the company. The task given can be completed faster when more people are involved and also the relation between the co-workers improve and get to learn so many things while working in a team.

10. Communicator – Employees who can communicate in a lucid manner and with confidence, while speaking or writing are often selected by the employer.

There are much more qualities that an employee should possess, those are leadership qualities, honest, creative, autonomous, marketable, detail-oriented, proactive, self-managed, enthusiastic.

Thus, an individual with all these qualities will definitely be a boon to any business.

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All of the above

Every quality an employee has will have some sort of affect on a business, especially small businesses. With a business so small that the employee is often representing the owner themselves, those are where you can truly only hire and retain the best!

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