What does Accenture Do and Who are its Largest Clients?

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What does Accenture Do and Who are its Largest Clients?

Accenture is undoubtedly one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. It has a huge fleet and has about 394,000 employees deployed in more than 200 cities spread across 120 countries. In short, Accenture is the king of the consulting business.

But, why does a company need such a huge manforce and why does it have to be stationed across the globe? The easiest answer to that is because Accenture deals with some of the biggest companies in the world and hence, it is imperative for them to deliver maximum customer satisfaction.

So, to celebrate a billion dollar company, we bring to all you need to know about Accenture and its clients. Take a look:

What Does Accenture Do?

It is a global firm that provides strategy, consulting, technology, and, digital operations to different companies. Apart from that, it is also an IT consulting and outsourcing firm, where it picks most of its employees from developing nations such as India and Brazil. It has several key lines of dealing that includes:

#1.Strategy: This includes business strategy, IT strategy and operational strategy.

#2.Technology: This includes systems integration, technology consulting and IT outsourcing.

#3.Digital: This includes digital marketing, mobile computing, and analytics.

#4.Operations: This includes consulting specific to the industry and functional outsourcing such as for finance, procurement, and HR.


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Accenture’s Clients

Now that we know that it deals with several lines of business, you would be surprised to know the actual reach of the company. Being one of the biggest consulting and outsourcing firms in the world, Accenture’s current client list includes 94 of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies. Some of its most notable clients include the like of Microsoft, Adobe Systems, Siemens, and Dell among others.

accenture clients

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The Leaders Of The Market

It would perhaps be easier to talk of the sectors where Accenture doesn’t have a presence. The heart of the matter is that it is one of the biggest consulting and outsourcing firms in the world that runs a business of more than $30 billion every year. Some of the most prominent companies in the world like Microsoft and Siemens are in its client list. Apart from that, the fact that 94 out of Fortune 100 companies do business with Accenture is a gentle reminder of how big the company basically is. So, any company which has the finances to afford Accenture comes to it, because it provides an excellent end-user experience.

Do you want to add more to the legacy of one of the biggest corporate firms in the world? If yes, then let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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Accenture is a global firm in today’s date. But what does Accenture do ? This is a firm which has the capability to solve the problems of clients on any basis. They have their unmatched services in consulting, strategy, technology, operations and digital as well. Accenture is a firm which has partners from the Fortune Global 500 and has more than three-quarters of the clients from there. They strive to improve the way the world lives and works and driving innovation in that part. They are known to deliver their transformational outcomes in their industries which are more than 40 and they have expertise in all the sectors they work in. For establishing the digital world in its core they are creating this business function. It is incorporated in Ireland in Dublin from Sept 1, 2009. They are serving clients in 120 countries in more than 200 cities. They provide the best and specialized services skills and new IT solutions to their clients. They have powerful clients and relationship with the impactful leaders and innovators to explore their business capabilities and technology. The list of their clients is literally endless. They have six different Accenture branches in order to handle the problems of clients if every sectors:

Apart from that what does Accenture do is it gives technology Strategy, business Strategy and operations Strategy. Similarly consulting firm provides consultation to business, technology and management firms. The digital provides analytics, mobility and marketing services. The firm named as Accenture technology gives technological solutions in order to research, develop, implement and deliver the services. Accenture operations are a service provider as well in the mode of delivery. They deal in outsourcing services, cloud services, IT services, infrastructure services and security as well. Therefore, it includes almost everything to better the life and work of the world.

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