25 Interesting Facts about History you didn't know

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25 Interesting Facts about History you didn't know

From our childhood to adult life, History didn't seem to be interesting at all.

But who knew, if there in the book some such amazing and unknown facts were written then there was a possibility that many people would have shown interest in this subject. Jokes apart! Today we have something new for you, which is eventually related to the mainstream history but very much interesting than other known facts.

25 strange facts of history which you probably didn’t learn in the school. 

25. The Anglo-Zanzibar war held on 1896. Till date, it is the shortest duration war which was exhausted in just 38 Minutes.

24. The legendary scientist Albert Einstein was offered the role of Israel's second Precedent in 1952, but he declined to be so.

23. All the legends, Anthony Burgess, C.S Lewis, John F. Kennedy & Aldous Huxley, died on the same day November 22, 1963.

22. One of the most successful and globally renowned French Military leaders Nepolian, once attacked by packs of rabbits.

21. The renowned and multitalented Karl Marx was a correspondent for the New York daily tribune for once.

20. The Six Operas was written by Kim Jong- il.

19. The famous poet Lord Byron was a great animal lover and kept a pet bear in his college dorm room.

18. In 1929 the Princeton researchers successfully develop the design of home telephone to a live cat model.

17. The 90s renowned politician Ronald Reagan was doing the lifeguard duty, when he was in high school and also saved about 77 lives during a special issue.

16. In the year 1912, an orphanage at Paris started a raffle because to raise their money. And in the case of raising the capital, they decided to prize live babies.

15. After several legal stepping, the constitution of Confederate State of America finally banned their slave trade.

14. A Pirate was hired to rescue Napoleon, by the New Orleans man from his prison which was in St.Helena.

13. Hope you all have heard the short form D-Day. Here D actually stands for Day, so it's Day-Day.

12. Until today the officially held longest war was held between Netherlands and Isles of Scilly. It was continued from 1651 to the year 1986.

11. The time when American Civil War started, the US Union general granted that Confederate Robert E.Lee owned no any slaves.

10. The king of England named Gorge was actually a Germany.

09. The time July 1914, when the World War-1 held, the great US Airforce had only 18 pilots and 12 airplanes in their stock.

08. The first bomb dropped by the Allies during World War II, in Berlin was only responsible for killing one elephant in the Zoo of Berlin.

07. The Arabic Numeric which are highly used in international English, are not even made by the Arabians, it's all the credits of Indian Mathematics.

06. The Ancient Egyptians were used to take slabs as their pillows.

05. The acting parliament of Iceland which was established in 930 is the oldest established parliament in the world.

04. In the year 1838, the Mexican President Antonio Lopez, ordered a full military burial, after his ankle destroyed by a cannon fire.

03. The legend Daniel Boone was used to wearing a felt cap.

02. The 1666 fire in London, which made a ferocious history in the world, only killed about 8 peoples and it was burned about 13500 hours.

01. After started the building of Pisa tower in 1173, the foundation stopped the construction and again continued it after 100 years. Thereafter it was never straight.

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Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was a great Hindu ruler of Mewar. Almost everybody knows his struggle and his determination to keep the foreign invaders away from his motherland. India’s first freedom fighter, Maharana Pratap was the only Rajput ruler of the 16th century who continued to defy Akbar.

Yes, absolutely. And this was stunning that how he determined the all the regulations to keep away any outsiders from the country.

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