India's role in World war 2

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India's role in World war 2

When the world got divided into two blocs Allied Nations and Axis Powers and plunged into Second World War, India being a colony of the United Kingdom had no other option but to take part in the war. The Allied Nations consisted of United Kingdom, France, United States of America and Soviet Union. Globally about 2.5 million Indian soldiers as part of Allied Nations led the fight against the axis powers – Germany, Italy and Japan. More than 87,000 Indian soldiers died during the Second World War. 

Although India took part in the war, Indian freedom fighters staunchly stood against the colonial oppression rule. During 1942, freedom fighters under leadership of Mahatma Gandhi led the famous Quit India Movement. Almost all leaders including Gandhi got arrested while the  nation was deep in chaos and conflicts. Despite being against the colonial rule of United Kingdom, Indians were strongly against the fascist rule of axis powers.

But Subhash Chandra Bose, a radical Indian leader, formed an Indian National Army (I.N.A) under alliance of Japanese at Singapore and decided to fight against the colonial rule of British to gain independence of India, which were a futile decision. According to him, the United Kingdom’s fight against fascism and Nazism was a great hypocrisy as they had colonized many countries including India and led an oppressive rule which includes grave violation of human rights.

It took two more years after the end of World War for the United Kingdom to grant independence for India and that too at the cost of splitting our dear nation physically, mentally and emotionally into two resulting in the loss of millions of innocent lives as our nation plunged into deep communal conflicts.

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