How many Countries are there in the World?

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How many Countries are there in the World?

If we see things purely from a geographical point of view, there are 196 countries in the world. Out of this number, 193 United Nations members are independent countries recognized worldwide. The numbers fluctuate because various international bodies differ on the number of countries in existence.

Taiwan is one country that is not counted as an independent territory despite the fact that it operates as one. The sole reason why all the nations including the USA do not count Taiwan as a recognized country is that the People’s Republic of China considers Taiwan as a breakaway province of China. So, any nation that wishes to maintain good relations with China has to severe its formal ties with Taiwan. Though 100 countries still have an unofficial relationship with Taiwan and it is recognized by 21 UN members presently. 

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United Nation is a highly influential organization, and its members benefit on a global political scale, but it’s not easy to be a member of the United Nations. After losing out on favor with China, Taiwan was expelled from the UN. It was replaced by Vatican City and the People's Republic of China. 

Another country that the United Nations does not recognize is Kosovo, though it is an active participant in activities relating to UN’s International Monetary Fund and World Bank. The country is also recognized by 111 UN states and by Taiwan. Countries that are the newest members of UN are Switzerland, Montenegro, and South Sudan.

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There are still quite a few numbers of new countries that are forming. The newest country to emerge out in recent times is South Sudan that gained its independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011. Prior to this, it was Kosovo that had declared itself a free state, independent from Serbia. In June 2006 another new country had emerged, Montenegro which had also gained independence from Serbia. Most of the 29 countries that have arisen after 1990 happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the split of Yugoslavia.

Not just that, did you know that colonies, that many consider being a thing of the past, are still prevalent and there are around 61 colonies which are under the control of 8 countries in the world. These countries are Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, France, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

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Every one of the nations should have a national acknowledgment with a specific end goal to improve it. The Union of Nations must consider the conceivable outcomes of the considerable number of nations and append them in the offices which are controlled by the as of now included countries. There is a considerable measure of imbalance done between various nations as for the political pioneer's impact yet the most critical thing is the capacity to rejoin and offer conceivable offices forward and backward. In spite of the fact that the political development must be finished with mind yet with considering uniformity

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