Top 10 Castle To Explore In United Kingdom

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Top 10 Castle To Explore In United Kingdom

Wanting to explore the mysteries of Castles in United Kingdom?

There are lots of castles in the United Kingdom or you may say the UK is land of castles. Castles were made up by the kings to show their excellence and power.

Here is your guide of top 10 Castles to explore in the United Kingdom.

1. Windsor castle, London

When we think of visiting castles, Windsor castle is always on the top of search lists. It is located in the west of London. Windsor is one of the largest castles in the world and offers you an extraordinarily rich and amazing day out. Windsor is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth. This castle was built up in 11 century by William The Conqueror. This castle occupies 13 acres of land.

2. Edinburg Castle, Scotland

Edinburg castle is a famous icon of Scotland. The Edinburg castle is one of the oldest castles of Scotland. It was built in 12 century. Since the castle was built it was the reign of David I. This castle stands up tall on volcanic rock and is 130 meters above the sea level. The castle houses honor the Scottish crown jewels and don’t miss the stone of destiny on which Scottish kings were enthroned for centuries. It is Scotland’s most visited paid tourist attraction.

3. Tower Of London, London

Tower of London is one of the famous and historic landmarks. It was constructed in 1078 by William the Conqueror. This tower was recently used for a game of thrones series five. The tower is located on the north bank of river Thames in central London. This castle was used as a prison from 1100 until 1952. You got a chance here to see the crown jewels. Tower of London is a famous tourist attraction and is being protected as a World Heritage Site.

4. Blackrock castle, Cork

Blackrock Castle was built in 16 century. This castle is short drive from Cork city and gives you stunning view across Lee River. In 1582 citizens of cork appealed Queen Elizabeth I to build a fort as a defense against potential invaders. Inside the castle, visitors will found astronomy exhibition and an award-winning planetarium.

5. Warwick castle, England

Warwick castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 on bend of a River Avon. Imagine your day at this brilliant castle where you can get a chance to plunge yourself into thousand years history. Along with history, there are lots of things here, such as bird of prey show. There are various outdoor activities for children also. Now it is famous for medieval costume parties. Merlin Entertainment currently holds the ownership of the castle.

6. Howard castle

Castle Howard is one of the finest and historic places in England. It has private residence and has been residence of Howard family for more than 300 years. Howard castle was built in 1699 and took 100 years to complete. This castle has been used as film location as the castle covers over 13000 acres and has lakes, big gardens and fountains making it a perfect scenic location. It is a Grade I Listed Building in statutory list maintained by Historic England.

7. Inveraray castle, Scotland

Inveraray castle was the seat of the Dukes of Argyll, chiefs of Clan Campbell. The castle was started to build in 1743. This castle has been used as filming location for movies and tv shows. The scenic beauty is so appealing which makes it a must visit place. This castle offers a lot to the visitors with beautifully maintained garden and beautiful walks alongside first-class holiday accommodation. There is a tearoom offering refreshments and a gift shop having quality Scottish items for the visitors.

8. Kilkenny castle, Ireland

Kilkenny castle is an Irish castle and it was built in 1195. It was built for controlling fording point of River Nore and junction for several route-ways. This castle is symbol of Norman occupation. The views are breathtaking and along with that you come to know about the history related to the castle. Wanting to explore Ireland, book your flights at

9. Stirling castle

Stirling castle is one of the most famous and greatest stone castles of Scotland in both historic and architectural way. Visitors can have a look from its great stoned walls the battle fields of southern Highlands and the Ochil Hills where medieval armies clashed to decide the fortune of nation. Visitors get a chance to see where Queen of Scots grew up. Great Hall of the castle is the largest medieval banqueting hall of Scotland.

10. Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle has been called the “loveliest castle in the world”. It has more than 900 hundred year long history. The Castle is also known as The Ladies Castle and is considered as a romantic castle. Leeds is surrounded by the wide moat and lush green fields. It is a perfect day out for a family as to get lost in the maze, punting on the moat and various activities happening year around.

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