How To Save Money While Travelling In India

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I often get questioned as how to save money while travelling in india or in vacation, how to get cheap airlines and how to get hotel in low price when we are at tight budget. After all, money saved at one trip would actually mean More travel, opportunity to explore more location at new destination.

I usually trip after thorough research, 

"Travelling does not start when you out of the house for vacation, but it starts at same moment when you plan for it" 

I had once gone on a 4-day trip Manali and I managed to do it at 5000 Rs only, which included Meals, Round trip expenses and the Hotel charges.

But, don’t think that I compromise on the amount of fun I have. 

So how do you manage your Trips While Travelling In india

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If you are from US, Canada or Europe, traveling across South East Asian countries is usually pretty easy on your pocket. But, please beware of scammers as you find such people in large numbers. Contact the Indian tourism ministry to help you out with travel inside the country. If you fall for scammers, they will charge you exorbitant rates.  

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