Want to enjoy your winter in Europe? Top destinations you should consider

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Want to enjoy your winter in Europe? Top destinations you should consider

Europe features on almost everyone’s travel list. Most travel to Europe during Summer when it’s bright & warm. But we’re featuring a few destinations that are equally awesome during the winters.

  • Munich (München), Germany:

Undoubtedly, the beer capital of the Europe. Don’t miss your to have the best Bavarian beers and pretzels at the annual Oktoberfest celebrations that attract tourists from all over the world. Also, a couple of hours away is the Neuschwanstein Castle which inspired the Disney castle shown in movies. Munich is home to the BMW, visit their car museum. Or watch a home game of Germany’s most followed football club, Bayern München, live at the Allianz Arena.

  • Venice, Italy:

Imagine taking those beautiful pictures of the Grand Canal while taking a Gondola ride, minus the crowds. Like most European tourist destinations in winter, most hotels close down for the low season. Turn that to your advantage and take a different experience back home. Deck up in elaborate costumes and masks for the Carnevale di Venezia on Martedi Grasso / Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday (a day before Ash Wednesday).

Vienna (Wien), Austria:

Austria in winters is an eventful destination. A city that associates itself with culture is must visit for the arts & music aficionados. Visit the opera, or dance the night away at one of the many glamorous winter balls at the Musikverein. Do not miss the famed New Year’s Concert.

  • Tromsø, Norway:

Unsettle your body clock & experience 24 hours of night-time during the period of ‘polar night’ Take a trip on the iconic Hurtigruten cruise towards Kirkenes & capture the famous Tromsø Bridge against the backdrop of the Northern lights. Visit the northernmost point of the European continent, Nordkapp (North Cape).

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia:

For a change arrive in Dubrovnik by the ferry from Italy & witness picturesque Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Stroll through the streets of King’s Landing. Yes, the capital of Westeros is set in Dubrovnik. Visit ancient monasteries, churches & buildings with Roman influences.

  • Innsbruck, Austria:

Home to the Winter Olympics, Innsbruck is a quaint little town that comes alive in the winters. Take a cable car up to the Nordkette for some ‘hot wine’ at the Cloud 9 bar or enjoy the Friday evening igloo parties at 1,905 metres above sea-level. Visit one of the highest zoos in Europe, the Alpine Zoo.

  • Prague (Praha), Czech Republic:

Praha has one of the best Christmas markets, at the foot of the Prague Castle in Old Town Square. Witness the ‘Three Kings Procession’ during Christmas. Bring in the New Year at the swanky clubs in the city. Experience the Masopust, which is a goodbye of sorts to the winter season.

  • Jukkasjärvi, Sweden:

Ever thought of staying in a hotel made of ice? Jukkasjärvi in Sweden to stay in the world’s first ice hotel. You can go on a dog-sledding excursion or live with the indigenous Sami people and learn about one of the oldest cultures in the world.

  • Jökulsárlón, Iceland:

Ice caves, known as ‘crystal caves’, located at the Jökulsárlón glacier lake on the southern side of the island of Iceland, are absolutely majestic. This glacial lake has been featured in some of the most popular TV shows and movies like The Game Of Thrones, Batman Begins, Die Another Day, Interstellar. Surprisingly, the winter temperatures are not so low, fluctuating around zero degrees celsius, in the southern lowlands of the island.


  • Santorini, Greece:

  • Cinque Terre, Italy:

In case, Europe is still on your mind, but you can’t bear the cold. Visit these beautiful, terraced coastal towns in the Mediterranean to soak up the sun without getting sunburnt.

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