What country do you most want to visit? why?

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What country do you most want to visit? why?

The whole world is filled with beauty. Various countries all around the globe are different from each other as well as filled with natural architects and historical monuments. Many people want to visit various countries but, the place which I want to visit is Italy.

Italy is a place known for its beauty. What attracts me to the place is its world class heritage sites. It is the country with the highest number of world heritage and is known as the most visited tourist place in the entire globe.

This country is a paradise for the tourists. It's beautiful architecture, designs, arts, culture, history and food are famous all over the globe. With all these beautiful delicacies it has to offer, it definitely catches everyone's eyes.

My reason to visit this country is basically the wide variety of attraction it has got. One can enjoy the beautiful buildings with lovely architecture, museums, beautiful coastal areas, delightful food along with art and culture.

The first name that comes to mind when we think of Italy is Rome. Rome, as the name suggests, is a very romantic and pleasing place to visit. This place is one of the most visited places by the people all over the world. The place has some major attraction which includes the Vatican museum, The Colosseum, Piazza Navona, The Roman Forum and some other sights. But for me, the most important one is The Colosseum where I desperately want to go. It is a theater of ancient time where an audience space for large number people was made for the purpose of entertainment.

The next place I would love to go is Milan. Famous for its industries, the city of Milan is the actual spot belonging to the most amazing designers, painters, models and photographers. The best of the best brands and designs comes from this place. Fashion destination for many, from all over the world, the main attraction of the city is its glamorous ambiance and so it is also called as the city of glamor. With a very nice, cool and soothing climate, the city can fill your heart with immense happiness.
The next destination in the country which I want to visit is Venice. Towards the north of Italy, the city of Venice is made with a combination of many small islands, emerging as a beautiful city. The beautiful coastline and many ancient renaissance features make the city a pleasure to visit.

The whole Italian architecture includes the work of mosaic which is in its finest form. The architecture is well planned and beautifully designed which makes the country full of eye-catching buildings, museums, theaters and towers.

The whole Italy is filled with beautiful churches and romantic places. The churches are old but beautifully designed. All of the buildings in Italy are beautiful. This makes the country declared as the first place in having the most number of world heritage monuments.

Being a creative person, my destination is to visit Italy. It has a lot to offer, to start with the art and culture to the big world of glamor. It has the essence of both ancient and modern time together. Italy is more than just a beautiful city. It is like the heaven for the artists. The finest form of art and painting are from Italy. Mona Lisa is one such example of it. Several world famous paintings are mostly from Italy. Not only the paintings but the sculptures like The Leaning tower of Pisa has also its origin from Italy. The country is filled with much different extraordinary bodies of artworks.

My next site to visit in the country would be The Valley of Temples in Sicily, where the amazing climate and the beautiful islands with many amazing spots make it one of the most charismatic places on earth. The Greek temples and the active volcanic mountains also attract the eyeballs of many tourists to this place. The town of hill Taormina is another place to visit for the film festival lovers. Here, the Chic Film Fest takes place, which is also an attraction.

Next on my checklist is the city of Pisa which has the famous tower of white marvel in a cylindrical shape, known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The very famous and one of the Wonders of the World, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a desirable place to visit. The beautifully constructed tower is little tilted since its construction and that makes an amazing view to look at. The city of Pisa also has the river named Arno which is again lined up by beautiful medieval churches and makes the city a pleasure to be in.

 At last the place I have in my list to visit is the city of Verona in Italy. Everyone knows Shakespeare's epic love story of Romeo and Juliet and that is one of the reasons for which I want to visit this city. It is said that this city has been the base for the story of Romeo and Juliet. The city also exhibits houses with small balconies with the courtyards, as described in the story and one house is said to be the house of Juliet. It makes the place feel like a real life experience of the characters from the story.

Above all these, the thought of visiting Italy makes me feel very excited as the city is filled with the rich essence of history, art, culture and fashion. With all of these qualities of the ancient and rich history of the medieval period makes me feel like visiting Italy at least once.

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