Expats in Australia – Tools to Let Out Your Creative Flare and Make Extra Cash

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Expats in Australia – Tools to Let Out Your Creative Flare and Make Extra Cash

If you’re an expat in Australia and looking to earn a little extra cash, you might want to get creative. Selling handmade gifts or setting up a part time handyman business can really help draw in a lot of extra money. 

However, before you can start putting your skills to good use, there’s numerous tools you’re going to need. Here, we’ll look at the main tools you’ll want to invest in to let out that creative flair.

Powered Screwdriver

The powered screwdriver tends to be one of the most underrated tools on the market. Whatever creative do-it-yourself project you’re working, you’ll find a powered screwdriver can prove invaluable. 

Unlike traditional screwdrivers, powered ones require very little effort in order to get the job done. They also speed up your work, enabling you to create more homemade gifts in less time. You’ll also find many powered varieties come with a reverse setting, which enables you to get screws back out if needed. This is extremely useful as once screws have gone into something, they tend to be pretty tough to get back out. 

A powered screwdriver can help you create all kinds of great gifts from handmade furniture to small jewellery boxes.

Engraving kit

If you are creating gifts, you’ll typically earn more money if you offer a personalised service. For this you’ll need an engraving kit like the ones from RS. 

An engraving kit makes personalising gifts much easier. Not only will they help you to engrave faster, but they’re also more accurate too. So, you’ll be left with a nice professional finish, enabling you to sell your gifts at an increased price.

Folding portable workbench

It doesn’t matter what type of project you’re working on to make a little extra cash, a foldable portable workbench is an essential investment. You can use them practically anywhere and they’re designed to withstand a lot of weight. 

A workbench can help you to store the parts you’ll be using to create your gifts, or they can be used to put everything together. Dewalt tends to be the leading brand to focus on when it comes to workbenches as they’re typically designed to be much stronger than most. 

Cordless router

If you’re taking up cabinetry or simply renovating old furniture to sell on, a cordless router is exactly what you need. Ideal for cabinetry, trimming and finishing work, cordless routers are so much more convenient than corded models. You won’t have to worry about getting the wire caught or accidentally electrocuting yourself. 

With a cordless router, you’ll be able to work faster, as well as work at angles you wouldn’t be able to with a corded model. So, it makes sense to spend your money on a cordless router. 

These are some of the main tools you might need if you want to use your creative skills to make extra cash. Consider the type of gifts you plan on making and then decide which tools best fit your needs. 

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