Food Distribution? Leave it to Al Maya

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Food Distribution? Leave it to Al Maya

Al Maya Distribution is such a name in the Middle East that has been responsible for introducing more than 50 big brands in the United Arab Emirates region. The company has partnered with companies like - Horlicks, Cadbury, MTR, Real, Simba, Silver Swan, Vina Milk, Beacon, Renuka, Gowardhan, Minara, Aeroplane, etc.

Refresh’s Coconut Water was a new introduction to UAE but according to the company, with the help of Al Maya that became a big hit and the company consequently witnessed a lot of success too. Pokari Sweat has worked with the company for nearly 3 decades and are absolutely happy with the partnership. All the Al Maya partners have commented on their increasing sales after being collaborated with Al Maya Distributions. Al Maya Distribution has been called the ‘best distributor’ in the UAE, by its partners.

The work of a wholesale distribution company is to necessarily create a connection between the product manufacturer and the retailer. The manufacturer will make the product while the retailer will sell it to the buyer. What the wholesale distribution company does is make this whole thing run smoothly. It takes the manufacturer’s products and stores them in a warehouse which it owns. Al Maya has a huge warehouse which is over 1 million square feet in size. From these warehouses, the distribution companies carry the products to a distribution unit wherefrom the product reaches the market to the retailers.

The buyers at the end of the line of this transaction get the product from the retailer. Sometimes they can also receive it from the wholesale distributor and in that case they necessarily get it for a lower price. The extent of Al Maya’s business is not limited just to Saudi Arabia. It extends well beyond that. Al Maya is one of the biggest food distributors in Oman. It works throughout UAE and is also one of the largest food distributors in Iran. Apart from these, the company has a stronghold in Asia as well. India, Singapore and Sri Lanka are among few its territories. The company works well in the USA, South Africa, Australia and Europe as well.

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