4 Jobs You Can Complete with an Air Compressor

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4 Jobs You Can Complete with an Air Compressor

While an air compressor may sound like a technical piece of equipment, they can actually enhance your basic home tool kit and be used in a wide range of applications, from DIY jobs to professional and creative pursuits.

With a little imagination (and the addition of a few extra components), you can turn your air compressor into a power tool that is suitable for a number of tasks, including these four jobs.

    1) Painting with an Airbrush

If you are looking for a way to speed up your DIY or want to advance your creative hobby, then you could use your air compressor as an airbrush. This can make quick work of repainting a garden fence or refreshing an external wall. Alternatively, if you feel confident enough, this can be used to spray paint a bicycle, scooter or car.

    2) Inflating Your Car Tyres

Ensuring your car tyres are at the correct pressure could help them to roll more effectively, improving your car’s fuel consumption. Additionally, underinflated tyres can wear unevenly and may need to be replaced more often, so it is advisable to regularly check pressure.

While you could go to a garage and wait in line to inflate your tyres, having an air compressor will allow you to do this job at home.

    3) Using as a Pressure Washer

A powerful way of removing dirt and grime, a pressure washer is a great tool to have around the house. However, for the amount you intend to use it, investing in a pressure washer may not make a lot of sense, financially. 

Instead, you can transform your air compressor into a pressure washer by simply adding a nozzle attachment, saving you money and helping you clean your paths and cars with ease.

    4) Make a Powerful Nail Gun

Many of the most common home DIY tasks involve using nails, from replacing skirting boards and hanging picture frames, to replacing a fence panel or assembling furniture. This is where an air compressor can make lightwork of this task. Forget a hammer, simply attach the nail gun to the compressor and off you go.

From using as an air brush to converting into a pressure washer, an air compressor is a multi-functional and versatile power tool that can be used for a variety of jobs – all it takes is some creativity. 

Furthermore, in addition to these four tasks, you can also use an air compressor as a sander, to help clean up a dusty work space, or even as a snow machine.

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