What are the Best Freelancing Jobs to Earn from Home?

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What are the Best Freelancing Jobs to Earn from Home?

Freelance jobs (online) are amongst the best careers that one can opt for. You not only get diverse exposure opportunities but also the chances of increasing your income prospects. 

However there are tremendous assignments, but we bring to you a list of 15 high paying freelancing jobs that are fast growing and can be worked out from the comfort of your home.

#1. Voice Talent

The art of conferring your voice for ads/ commercials/ films is amongst the popular freelance works that get you good bucks. People either setup a home studio or work from professional studios.

voice talent freelance

(Image Courtesy: Serrae)

#2. Recruiter

There are several firms that pass over this intricate task to freelancers. Suitable candidates are made to go through the entire process under the supervision of a freelance recruiter.

freelance recruiter

(Image Courtesy: Angpao)

#3. Translator

Even the translation jobs are quite popularly taken up and also in demand. A freelancer needs to translate from one language to the other and needs to be well equipped with more than two languages.

freelance translator

(Image Courtesy: Day Translations)

#4. Writing

One of the best freelance jobs online is writing. It ranges from blogs, article, annual reports, books, educational material, television ads to radio commercials and CV writing etc. If you've got a unique way of putting across words, then this is for you!

freelance writing

(Image Courtesy: Freelance Writing Gigs)

#5. Photography

If you have the eye for detail, colors, framing, and the passion to go a step ahead of your comfort zone, then Photography is for you. Freelance photography jobs are pretty contemporary these days. You must own some high-end equipment, be familiar with photographing techniques and related software along with an impressive portfolio for obtaining greater projects.

photography freelance

(Image Courtesy: Virtual Photography Studio)

#6. Graphic Designer

Want to try the most creative and highly sought after freelance jobs at home? If you have the capabilities and the required skills it could be a worthy experience. You get to work on several projects and different clients. Delivering graphics for electronic and/ or print media are in huge demand nowadays.

#7. SEO/ SEM

It's again amongst the most preferred fields. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are two things that can easily be delivered from your home comfort to the client. It involves link building, PPC campaigns, improving search engine ranking, Google result page visibility etc.

PPC freelance

(Image Courtesy: Surf Merchant)

#8. Public Relations

Branding, as well as Public Relations, are both high paying freelancing jobs wherein you can effectively provide your service without being physically present anywhere. You just need some expertise, better clients, and the skills to run online campaigns.

Public Relations freelance

(Image Courtesy: Free Classified Singapore West Region)

#9. Research

Such freelance jobs (online) require the person to indulge in basic research tasks. So you must be prepared to spend long hours surfing the internet.

Research freelance

(Image Courtesy: Single Moms Income

#10. PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is an online advertisement or marketing strategy that differs from the organic forms of buying visits to your site. As a freelancer, you can become the advertiser who delivers PPC traffic to various sites.

freelance jobs from home

(Image Courtesy: Blue Star Group)

#11. Photo Manipulation/ Retouching

You might be super good at restoring or retouching pictures, so why not turn your passion into income? You could absolutely make more than just a mere living.

Photo Manipulation freelance

(Image Courtesy: Jeff Huang)

#12. Video Production

If you have the knowledge and even slightest experience of video recording, editing, and other production stuff, then this might the most suitable job for you.

video Production freelance

(Image Courtesy: Jax Videography)

#13. Interior Design

Architectural services like interior designing let you deal with various projects from your home. You just need some kind of formal education and a stern foundation in the related field to secure your future prospects.

freelance jobs paying

(Image Courtesy: Hotfrog)

#14. Data Entry

This isn't anything new. It's a good old job that requires the best ever typing speed and self-motivation to not let you get bored. Patience is the key and it's, of course, one of the most chosen freelance jobs at home.

freelance data entry jobs

(Image Courtesy: The Best Online Jobs For College Students)

#15. Social media coordination

Jobs pertaining to social media aren't for fun. You need the requisite skill set and experience to go about along with the knowledge about managing and updating social media platforms.

home based freelance job

(Image Courtesy: Fire Belly Marketing)

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