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Book Reviewing

At the end of last year, Mr Horadam nominated me for the Scholastic Reading Review Crew. The reviewers job is to read books sent by Scholastic and write reviews on them. The reviews are then published on their website and sometimes in Book Club!

As you probably already know, I was selected to join the review team for 2015. The team consists of kids from all around Australia of different ages. A few weeks ago, a skype chat session was going to take place so that we could meet the Scholastic team and the other book reviewers. Sadly, it didn’t work out because there was too many people on at once!

I have actually already written my first review of the year! It was about a book called The Boy On The Wooden Box. It is the true story of author Leon Leyson’s struggle for survival as a Jewish kid during WW2.

I really enjoyed reviewing this book, and I can’t wait for my next one!

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