How to Pass Your First Job Interview and Get a Job?

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How to Pass Your First Job Interview and Get a Job?

Struggling with the questions you'll need to answer during your first job interview? Use these 7 proven tips to pass your first job interview successfully and get the desired position without a problem.

7 Proven Tips to Survive Your First Job Interview

Being perfectly qualified for a certain position is never enough to get a job. Answering all the questions correctly still doesn't guarantee you won't be rejected. So, what is the problem with? Studies suggest that everything is about a perfect combination of the words you say (7-8% only), vocal elements (38-39%), and non-verbal expressions (up to 55-56%).

This information won't probably help you to survive your first or even second job interview without been explained in details. It is not enough to be aware of the crucial elements, which are going to define whether you'll get your dream job or not. Instead, you should know how to use that information to help you to get approved.

Today we're going to reveal a couple of practical things you should and shouldn't do in order to make your interview less scary and complicated. These things will help you to prepare better to feel more relaxed and confident when applying to the company you want to work at. By the way, if you haven't prepared your resume yet, it is high time to do it.

Don't know how? Don't risk. It is better to apply for a professional help to be sure you've done everything the way it should be. For example, you can apply to if you want to get your CV written by a team of professionals. Or you can receive just a bunch of useful recommendations how to write a CV by yourself.

And now, let's skip to those crucial things you should always do and avoid while having your first job interview.

How to Pass a Job Interview?

What to say at your job interview? What not to say? How to act? What information to avoid? How to present your strengths and weaknesses? How to dress? These questions disturb literally every person who is preparing for his/her first job interview. In fact, it doesn't matter whether it is your first, second, or 100th interview in a row. The anxiety is always the same. But if you do your homework before presenting your best qualities in front of your potential employer, the chances to get a job drastically increase. Do a research of your relevant qualifications, do a research on the position, which you're applying to, do a research on the employer you want to work with, and do a research on the industry in general.

Here's exactly what you have to do in order to feel more confident and comfortable at the interview.

What to Do

Prepare short relevant stories. The question about yourself is a tricky one. Even if it seems to be an easy one. To nail the answer, prepare a couple of short relevant stories about yourself. Don't just list the number of skills you have. Explain how you've used those skills before by demonstrating them in those short relevant stories;

Practice in front of a mirror. Practice the responses to all possible questions you may get from a potential employer. Practice makes perfect. But don't try to act like an actress. You want to look very natural and relaxed on the real interview;

First impression matters. So, having a good eye contact and a nice handshake is very important. You want to look positive, confident, and genuine;

Control your body language. Think about a body posture. Do not slouch in the chair. Do not fold your arms and do not cross your legs. Instead, lean a little bit forward from the waist. Appear to be calm and relaxed even if you don't. Do you know a famous proverb: «Fake it till you make it»? Do not play with the buttons on your shirt or the jewelry on the hands. Slow your breathing down and relax. Try to make you feel less anxious and nervous.

What Not to Do

● Try to avoid your personality and character flaws when answering the question about your weaknesses. Focus on areas that you will be able to improve over time;

● Do not forget to present the results you've achieved before when telling your great stories. Give a specific example and explain everything in details;

● Do not wear loud colors, too much perfume, too much makeup or too large jewelry pieces to an interview. You want to look sleek, professional, and organized.

By putting all of these tips into practice, you'll get higher chances to be approved for the next job position you're going to apply to. Or at least you'll become more confident about presenting yourself as a professional and qualified worker in general. Now you know how to prepare even if you have the hardest ever job interview coming up very soon. So, read the tips one more time, practice, and walk into that interview confident, relaxed, and ready to start the job right away. Good luck!

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