Why banking job is the perfect career option for you?

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Why banking job is the perfect career option for you?

Are you excellent at number crunching? Do you have outstanding communication skills? Do you have the desire to work directly with the public? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then you are perfect for the banking sector. Banking sector not only plays a vital role in the economic status of the nation but also creates thousands of job opportunities. You will find public sector as well as private sector banks in India.

Each year, thousands of bank employees retire from their posts. It means young blood is recruited to fill in the vacancies. The public sector banks invite candidates to apply, and sit for written exams to prove their worth. The private banks have their own recruitment policies. Though millions work in private sector banks, the demand for jobs in public sector banks is always high. One can sit for IBPS, SBI or RBI exams to acquire his/her dream job. Each year, thousands try their luck in SBI Clerk exams.

Why are banking jobs so popular?

The sheer number of applicants is enough to understand the popularity of banking jobs. It’s true that there are other options as well. But the following seasons will adequately highlight why jobs in banks are highly sought after:

Abundant scope for individual growth

It is fruitless to join a profession that does not offer adequate chances for personal growth. If you enter the banking sector, then you need not worry about this. If you have a competitive attitude, a craving for success and the energy to push yourself, then banking is the perfect turf for you. Here you will receive ample opportunities to climb the ladder in a vertical matter. You need not join a bank as a PO. Even if you are recruited as an SBI Clerk, you will be able to rich the manager’s post within four to five years. All you require is a positive attitude and a can-do attitude.

A vast range of activities

A number of profiles are available in a bank. Any professional who is looking for diversity will be pleased to enter the banking sector. If you are not good at maths, then you can join the administrative departments or public relation section. In case you are good with people, you can enter the department that deals with clients who desire to open an account, or acquire a loan. Banks also recruit people who can assist people with the paper works as well. In case you have no clue about this, then don’t worry. Each bank imparts proper training to the employees.

Good pay packages

Why do people take up jobs? The main reason is to earn a livelihood. So, no one will show any interest in joining a dry sector. It is another reason why so many candidates are interested in sitting for the SBI Clerk exam. After the revision of SBI salary package, all junior clerks will receive a gross salary of Rs.19589.87 on a monthly basis. Apart from this, he/she will also receive several additional perks and allowances. If you add the house rent, then the salary reaches Rs. 24,000 (approx.) which is by no means a sorry figure. No private company will offer this salary to a fresher if you do not have specialized professional training.

Communication with the public

Working in the banking sector will offer opportunities to communicate with the people. The bank employees are recruited to help ordinary people in their money matters. It is a task that demands responsibility and self-control. Bank employees must interact with common people on a daily basis if they are assigned to the cash counters. It offers them plentiful openings for communication.

Job satisfaction and security

Most government as well as private sector employees cringe that they do not get sufficient satisfaction for the jobs they have. It is one issue, you will never face, if you successfully crack the SBI Clerk written as well as interview sessions. You will be able to work in the chosen field, help others, and make a difference in their lives. Apart from job satisfaction, public sector banks also provide professional security to a person. One need not worry about any cutbacks. The employees receive salary hikes annually, along with other perks and allowances. These additional benefits make the jobs so alluring.

Opportunity to see the world

It is prevalent in private sector banks more than public sectors. If you get promoted to a high post, then you will get the opportunity to see the world. The banks will send you to attend important meetings, seminars, and conferences. SBI also sends its employees to other parts of the state for short training sessions. The training paves the path for future promotions. Apart from this, banks organize annual events and functions, where employees showcase their talents. Sports events are also hosted on a yearly basis, and winners are rewarded. Annual picnics offer ample scope for recreation as well.

For a deserving and meritorious candidate, a job in any bank is a perfect career option. If you desire to remain in India, then your first preference should be to crack a government banking examination. But that is easier being said than done. If you do not crack the competitive banking exam for SBI or RBI, there is no need to have a long face. There are other public sector banks as well. If you fail in bagging a job in these banks as well, but you are in no mood to give up your dreams of working in a bank, then there are a number of private banks in India. They offer same prospectus and perks. Sometimes, they offer even more than the government banks can give. So, it is better to start early and work on your choices, before finally embarking on the journey.

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