Management Information system As A Career!

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Management Information system As A Career!

What is Management Information System?

Management information system is a computerised database of financial information organised and produced regular reports on the operations of each level of management in a company.

Jobs opportunity and Why MIS is important?

After completing your education in this field, you can become data analyst, data scientist, application analyst,system analyst and many more. 

Management Information system is very important for the business as it looks overall function of the business. There are few advantages of having a MIS executive:

  1. It creates an impact on the business overall functions.
  2. Improves performance and productivity
  3. Business become competitive and successful


As this field is very diverse, opportunity keep knocking your door. According to payscale, the average salary for the person who just having a 0-2 years of experience.

 Position                                                     salary/annum  

Data Analyst                                                   3, 57,602                                   

Data scientist                                                    6.16,542                              

Application system Analyst                               6,95,000           

System Analyst                                                   6,01,585

As the table data shows, the position and income. If you want to make a career as a data scientist then some skills would matter to enhance your skills and increase your salary like SAS, Data Modelling, Big Data Analysis etc.,and same way for other position you required some skills to progress in your career.

 Purpose and Education

Purpose: of Management Information System is to run business smoothly by providing information on the data from different ways so that the decision is to be made ensure that business remains competitive and successful. 

Education: BTech/BE degree is required to pursue your career in Management Information system. If you want to reach at the top then you can do any specialisation course related to this field.

However,if you are looking to make a career in this field then you are going to a right direction. Since this field is very diverse and scope is very bright for the jobs. 

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