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Searching for the part-time job has now become much easier than earlier. People can find a part-time job through various sources such as through online job portals, newspaper, and with the help of articles, etc. For the part-time employment, you are going to need an updated resume, telephone, a computer provided with high-speed internet access. For finding the part-time job, your concentration should be more on finding that job which will perfectly suit your schedule time and abilities. So, whenever making a phone calls for the interview avoid the noisy place. Never use your current office phone number or your office email id for your job search activities. It is better that you choose a public library which is free from any interference or interruption.

Here are some of the tips which can help you in finding a part-time job faster: 

• SET UP EMAIL ACCOUNTS: For the job search activity, you need to set up a separate email account. Most of the recruiter monitors corporate email activity. So, just you have sent something from your private account doesn’t mean it’s private. There are many free accounts available from any number of online service providers such as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo. Whenever you are logging from any public computer then be careful for that. Always set up your account on a trusted computer and be sure to sign out your account while leaving the machine for a moment.

Now as your resume is free from any errors, just write a polite letter of introduction which can modify any position before starting your job hunt. Many job seekers do not get a position because of some misspellings in the resume.

• USE ONLINE RESOURCES: Online job portals play a vital tool for viewing and sorting the thousands of job listing through online. Many online jobs are there for providing the best jobs for the job seekers. So, find the job portal which works well for you. The job boards help you in finding the job very easily.

• NETWORKING: Searching online for the job and applying for it is not enough for part-time job search. For this, networking plays a major role in searching for the job. Always keep a copy of your resume with you or email your resume to your friends, relative, or the people you know to see if they know of any positions for you. Sometimes most of the jobs don’t appear on the job search engines. At that time networking may help you in searching for a job.

• BE POSITIVE: Always be confident about your skills and abilities. If you are not getting the job for which you are looking for, then don’t worry, stay positive. There is always a job for you. So move on to the next opportunity.

So, the above-mentioned steps will help you in searching for a part-time job. For more search, you can rely on the job portal of Monster Singapore which is one of the leading job portals in Singapore. Various jobs are posted on daily basis on this website. Singapore part-time jobs have various job openings for the candidates. So, start applying for the relevant jobs.

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