How to be a Good Role model?

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How to be a Good Role model?

In your life, you must have many people looking up to you. They could be your children, siblings, students, employees or somebody else. They see you an as inspiration, so it is crucial that you set a good example for them with whatever you do.

While most people understand the value of being a good role model for the people in their lives, they seldom realize the right way to be one. Well, that is why we are here today. We are going to tell you how you can be, not just a role model for your children, siblings or employees, but a good one at that.

How To Be A Good Role Model?

#1. Admit Mistakes And Apologize

Nobody in the world is perfect. When you are in a position where people look up to you and learn from your actions, you might hesitate from owning up to your mistakes, but you have to show your followers that you are also a human and it is okay to make mistakes. What matters is how you recover from that mistake. When you apologize to someone for making a mistake, you demonstrate one of the most overlooked parts of being a role model. This way, you can teach your followers the importance of learning from your mistakes and even showcase how to do it.

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#2. Show Respect

You can be successful in your life, smart and driven but whether you show respect to people who are not at the same level as you speaks volumes about your character. Most people treat people who are above them with great respect, at least to their face, but what matters the most is how you treat someone who is considered below you in certain aspects of life like career or wealth. If you want your children or siblings to be respectful to people in their lives, then you have to set an example by being humble to the ones in your life. If you show disrespect, then that is what they will think successful people do and act in the same manner.

#3. Set The Bar High

People who aim low end up being mediocre in their lives. You may, or you may not achieve what you aspire to if you set the bar high, but you are certainly never going to achieve anything great if you do not even aim for it. However, it should be noted that you do not aim for something that is impossible to achieve. Be ambitious, but do not act rash and set unattainable goals for yourself since if achievements can act as the best motivational tools, failures can also drag your morale down and leave you demotivated. When people in your life will see you aiming for something great, it is likely that they will plan something similar to their lives.

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#4. Be Knowledgeable And Well Rounded 

To be a good role model, you do not have to be just a good teacher you also have to fit into the role of a learner, who is continuously expanding its expanses of knowledge. Be someone who continually steps out of his or her comfort zone and faces challenges. Also, do not be an expert in just one field instead, gain knowledge in general so that the people who look up to you can reach out to you with whatever trouble they might be facing in their lives. Step out of your comfort zone.

#5. Stay Positive

You are going to have a negative impact on people around you if you keep giving up in unfavorable circumstances. Whenever life gives you lemons, remember that there are many people who are waiting for you to serve them lemonade. If they see you breaking down, they will start to believe that it is okay to give up in life. If it is not for the sake of your psyche, then try to stay motivated and positive for the benefit of the people who are looking up to you. This will help you develop a positive attitude in life. 

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#6. Stick To Your Commitments

If you want your followers to stick to their commitments, then demonstrate how it is done. Make sure that you follow through with every promise that you make, no matter how difficult it may get for you. Show people that your words have value and that they should also walk the talk when their time comes. If you are a role model, you will have to go an extra mile since your actions are not merely influencing you, but are also making a crucial impact on the lives and character of several others.

#7. Act Responsibly

How can you be a good role model if you do not act responsibly in your life? Responsibility is not something that comes to your at birth, but something that you acquire as you move ahead in life. If you want to act responsible for the people in your life, then the first thing that you have to do is stop making excuses for yourself. Stop being a coward and admit when you act irresponsibly. Blaming others for your failures is too easy and anybody can do that. But that does not take you anywhere in life. So stop complaining about how difficult it is for you to achieve something and start acting. Take responsibility for your own life and care for the ones around you. 

#8. Learn To Handle Stress 

Whether you are trying to fit into the shoes of a role model or not, it is crucial to be able to handle stress efficiently in life. Stress not only takes a psychological toll on you but also starts to affect your wellbeing. So be a pro at managing stress. Try to maintain your composure in stressful situations as your anxious mind can be an obstacle in finding the most appropriate solution to your problem. Learn to handle stress in your life.

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#9. Demonstrate Self-Confidence

Before people can have confidence in your abilities, you have to maintain faith in yours. Confidence is one of the key qualities that attract one person to another so if you find yourself in a position where you can influence others and have an impact on their life, then exude confidence at all times. All of us go through rough patches in life when we feel a little low on self-confidence. It is nothing to be ashamed of but you have to be meticulous about managing such situations carefully. Build self-confidence and high self-esteem. 

#10. Be Independent

Independence is an essential quality for people who want to take charge of their lives. One way to inspire the people in your life to be independent is by being independent by yourself. When they see you making it through even with all the challenges in your life, then they will also be encouraged to stop relying on others for everything else.

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It is especially important for women to break the societal limitations that say they need a man in their lives. This is why you should be an independent woman and how you can do it 

#11. Work Hard

Don’t you find it so much inspiring and encouraging when you come across someone working hard to achieve their goals? Don’t you develop a unique sense of respect and admiration for that person? Don’t you want to be that individual? It is not that difficult. All you have to do is keep your eyes on your target and keep striving to achieve it. You are only doing what you are meant to do or what you planned for, and in the process, you are inspiring other people to do the same with their lives. How can you be a good role model for anyone if you don’t even try to achieve your own goals?

Being a role model may sound awesome but this power to influence the lives of others comes with an even greater responsibility. When people are looking up to you, you have to make sure that you only make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

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Answers (2)
Great works!!! Good Leaders are good role models

I think being a good role model is important. I did not realize this fact soon in my life but I did. My brothers made me realize it. As my younger brothers got older, they turned out to be a little rebellious  just like me. And when I tried to set them on the right path, I realized that I was coming across as a hypocrite. I did not listen to any of my elders when I was their age and they were calling me out on how I was preaching something that I myself did not believe in. In fact, I was still like this at the time. I did whatever I wanted and asked my younger brothers to listen to my parents. And soon I changed myself.  To be a role model to my younger brothers, I had to be the person that they could look up to. I could not tell them to do something that I myself did not believe in or followed. So it was time for me to change. I think the best way to be a good role model is to lead by an example. You do not need to push the people you are trying to teach something with your words, you do it and they learn by watching you. This is like they say, actions speak louder than words. So let your actions do the talk and let your words sit in your pocket for another day. I think to be a good role model that everybody looks up to, you also need to be unique. If you are a part of the herd, you are not special. Why should anybody make you their role model when you are just like millions others in the world? So to be an idol for someone, you have to be unique, someone who is nothing like anybody else in this world.  Also, there has to be a great reason for people to look up to you, for people to want a life like yours, for people to want to be just like you. And that I believe should be your happiness.The one thing that we consciously or subconsciously want in our lives is happiness. Remember how we are suddenly left astounded when we come across people who are never, and I mean never, stressed or nervous or sad in any situation in their life? I think that is the biggest secret to being a role model for someone. People want happiness in their life and when they see a person who is always happy, always enjoying life no matter what circumstances he or she is going through in life, they take inspiration. They want to be like that person and want to build a life like theirs for themselves. So be happy, be joyful with whatever cards your life deals you with. Always look at the glass half full and this is how you can inspire others to be like you. That is how you become a role model. Let’s see what others say.

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