How to Step out of your Comfort Zone?

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How to Step out of your Comfort Zone?

"One of the hardest things to do is leaving your comfort zone. And one day you will have to make that choice and let go the life you are pretty familiar with to live the life you dream about." - Unknown

It is rightly said, the life you dream about can only be created and achieved when you are ready to take risks. The life where you believe magic begins comes to you when you are ready to leave behind your comfort zone. Because everything that you wanted requires an extra step to be taken for letting in some greatness. You should not get confined by the walls you build for yourself. Rather, break those boundaries, find something that scares you and run to overcome the same. But, how exactly can you do it?

Things To Do To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How do you step out of your comfort zone? This is what exactly you have to do!

#1. Start Taking A Different Route For Each Of Your Daily Tasks

Start doing your everyday tasks contrary to the way you have been doing them till now. You can maybe try being vegetarian for a week. Give a try to a different operating system. Visit a destination without going through the reviews. Come an hour early for work. Or just try to cook for your parents without anyone's help. 

All you have to do is recalibrate your reality. And no matter how small or big your initiative is, you just have to make way for some changes every day. Even if the result that comes out is negative, try to find what you can learn from it. And, you don't have to be put down by the things that do not happen the way you might have planned them to be.

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#2. Challenge Yourself

When you are challenging your current self, you are stepping outside your comfort zone. It is important for personal growth to happen. Just commit yourself to give your best to that particular situation and not give up. Only this way you will be able to perform and reach the top of every mountain. Because you cannot expect to evolve without facing a few ups and downs and just sticking to only one comfortable habit. 

If you want to touch the ninth cloud, you will have to take the risk and attempt something that you fear. It is only then that you will elevate.

#3. Picture Yourself Filled With Confidence

When you start picturing yourself full of light and self-confidence is when you realize what has been missing in your entire life. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, think of something significant that makes you happy and imagine your body filling in with a brighter glow. 

Keep empowering yourself by speaking some positive phrases like "I am safe," "I can do this" or "Wherever I go, I will be fine." Your body's stress response reduces on its own, and this is what exactly gives you the confidence to make you step out of your comfort zone.

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#4. Analyse How To Handle Your Fear

Just make a research at your own level to analyze what it is that scares the hell out of you. It is the best mental trick that helps you in leaving your comfort zone. So first, you will have to research about what is it that you actually and passionately want. Accordingly, do your homework, work towards handling your fears and take yourself forward. 

Talk to people, move out of your current place and just accomplish what you aspire. How does research help? It breeds more and more knowledge in you, and gradually it is the knowledge that breeds confidence to take you forward.

#5. Familiarize With Discomforts

To step out of your comfort zone, you ought to familiarise with your discomforts. So, the best habit that you can develop is to imbibe within you the practice of familiarising with the things you are scared of. And one great way to do this is to pick one task every day that you are afraid of, go and get it done! 

Yes, you might be frightened; you might feel a terribly throbbing heart inside, but somehow just trust yourself and act. When you keep repeating this exercise, you will gradually realize how the things that scared you were so meaningless. And the place you will be in future is the place that seems to be much more beautiful.

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#6. Take Time For Making Your Decisions

At times, it is necessary for you to slow down when it comes to taking the right decisions. However, speedy choices can be more rewarding, but they might not have a long-term positive impact. But, when you are making an informed decision is when you are pushing yourself out of the comfort zone. At this point of time, you have to just think and not react. Slow yourself down, interpret what's happening and then intervene with your brainy judgment.

#7. Take Smaller Steps

Leaving your comfort zone isn't really that easy like how it appears. It takes a lot of courage to do so and attain the necessary efforts. So, you should never be afraid to take those steps. But, remember to start slow and take each challenge step by step. You don't have to take a long jump but smaller steps with both your feet with a calm mind and body. 

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#8. Make Some Decisions In A Snap

Do we sound contradictory? Maybe, yes! But this is how a practical decision-making process works. You need to trust yourself with this and make some decisions in a snap. While on one hand, there are situations where you need to weigh all the possible alternatives, on the other hand, are circumstances where you just need to move the things and make a snap call. At least that way you are able to kick-start your projects and also learn to accept your personal judgments. In case there is a fallout, you are the one to correct the same.

#9. Do Not try It Alone

If you think it is a lonely process, just think again. No, it isn't! You are not alone facing the fear of unknown. And neither do you have to face it alone. If you feel right, involve someone trustworthy with whom you can share all your concerns. And it is not necessary to share, but they can even be your guiding light. 

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Find someone who you feel dealt with their fear of stepping out of comfort zone. Ask them about their own journey. Learn from their experiences. And you will observe that such collaborations not only give you a shoulder to cry on but also the opportunities to learn the required techniques. You learn to take risks, and you learn how to step out of your personal comfort zone.

#10. Remember, You Also Need To Return

It is very much important for you to also keep returning to your comfort zone from time to time. Living outside that zone is not really a lifelong process. It is a normal human tendency where the incredible starts to become ordinary after some point of time. 

So, you have to sometimes just be yourself rather than push your personality to the extremities. Comfort zone gives your life an edge. It is where all the answers to your questions lie. It is the place where you exactly learn what works for you. And at the end, it is your safest place!

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#11. Identify The Benefits

This ideally should be the first thing you have to do. The more you know about something's benefit is the more you are focused and motivated towards achieving it. Therefore, stepping out of comfort zone is vital, but you also have to know its advantages to actually start walking towards that way. 

For instance, how the ability of public speaking will benefit you and what would it do for your personal as well professional growth are the questions that actually take you towards the way of developing and enhancing that skill! When you know about the potential benefits, the motivation arises itself to push you through every challenge and across the fears. 

And it is important for you to know why you need to take risks in life, why you need to take initiatives and why you need to step out of the comfort zone. It saves you from being in awkward situations and also excel your personality.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Leaving your comfort zone makes you feel more confident and productive. You will easily be able to deal with newer and unexpected challenges. Not only that, but you will also be able to push yourself ahead of your boundaries. There happens to be an overall improvement of your personality, and you start getting through with your skills. Your horizons are pretty much broadened, and it becomes an uncomfortable yet a positive experience.

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