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Digitalization has taken over the world by storm and has become a prominent part of our life. The digitalization has an impeccable impact on our life. If you look back 20 years from now you will realize how different it was then, don’t believe me ask your parents!

We have come a long way since then all the advancement in technology has helped in making our lives better and comfortable. It has allowed us to do a haul of things sitting at home and now you don’t need to necessarily step out for many things, which you can simply do by sitting at your home.

Here are a few things; I will tell you which you may not have realized have now become an integral part of your life.  

1) Online shopping: Shop till the battery of your phone drop !!!

As per reports, online shopping serves as the major cause behind an increase in online spending. This clearly indicates that how convenient people are with online shopping. From clothing to grocery items and even your home furnishing items are now available online. You name they have it; from some minute things to larger essential things of daily life they have everything.

Looking at the latest market trends in India some foreign are also investing in the e-commerce sector of India. Online shopping is probably another word for a convenient shopping. You can almost buy everything from scissors to curtains simply relaxing on a couch in your drawing room while watching the T.V. If you will compare your life with your parents you will realize how the things have changed and your life has become super easy.  

2) Renting apartment: You house for sale to-let now

Well, this one thing which requires a lot of money and difficulties while finding your perfect home/apartment. Whether you want to buy a home or an apartment on rent both requires a lot of time and energy and also you have to shell out some extra money to the broker so the whole process might end you up in having a hole in your pocket. Although this generation is some smart enough to deal with this as you have got some smart moves to save your money and time as well.

Go online and search as many apartments as you want at various locations without actually going there. You can check their pictures and the amenities available along with the phone number of the contact person. If you are the one with a transferable job then this will work best for you. There is absolutely no need to go to the brokers, which will charge you extra money. You can now find your dream home on your own.

3) Renting furniture: The new concept of modern living

Well, this ain’t a new concept people and has been gaining a lot of popularity among young working professionals. People want to have lavish furniture without shelling out a fortune for it so, they opt for this option. It is convenient and comes with a lot of other services as well. This is gaining huge popularity among young working professionals of metropolitan cities.

You don’t only get furniture on rent but along with this free maintenance (which includes monthly cleaning) is also provided. If you are locating to some other city then your furniture will be relocated to your city absolutely free. Apart from this, if you want you can choose the monthly plan i.e. the months in which you want the furniture. This is more cost-effective than a fully furnished rented apartment. This trend is gaining popularity with time hope you are not lagging behind. Cityfurnish offers wide range of lavish furniture and branded home appliances at easy monthly rent.

4) E-learning: The smarter way of learning

Those were times when people used to go to the college and they will spend half of their time and money on commuting and will end up being exhausted and tired not getting enough time to concentrate on their studies. These are things of the past now is the era of millennial who are smart enough and they know how to save their time and money.

Many reputed institutions are offering online courses, which you can attend sitting at your home and you don’t have to visit the Institute for attending lectures. You can attend lectures anytime anywhere as per your convenience. This has resulted in opening the window of opportunity for people who are working and don’t get enough time to resume their studies. Also, it is a great help for those students who are facing any kind of financial crunch at home they can do the job along with their study.   

5) Up for a start-up???

Now, this is one of the most interesting segments of this article and also happens to be one of the most popular one. There is this incident which I would like to share. One of my friends with a great start-up idea even managed to win initial funding for the idea from his college but failed to convince his parents. They had a presumed thinking of having a well-settled job is more fruitful than indulging in starting something of your own as it includes risk and they are clearly not open to the idea of taking a risk.

But hold on the story doesn’t end here, he initially agreed to what his parents said and completed his degree but couldn’t convince him to their idea of having a well-settled life. So, instead of taking up a job at MNC he struggled towards making something of his own. He struggled, worked hard towards his dream and gradually his parents also started supporting his dream.

This story resembles with many people who are building a dream of having something of their own, this is the major difference between the mindset of our generation and previous generation. The idea of taking risk is the major change you will observe in our generation.

6) Finding your soul mate online

Online dating is one of the most popular activities among youngsters. Nowadays there are various apps available which are offering a platform to young people to interact with each other. In fact people are registering on matrimonial websites for finding a suitable life partner, which wasn’t a common trend 20-25 years ago. Time has changed and people have become receptive towards online dating and marriages.  

7) ‘’Living-in’’ with your partner

Back in the 90’s you cannot even imagine something like this but now it’s absolutely cool to move in with your partner (and legal too). People want to know each other before taking the big step and living together helps them to know about each other deeply. This is no more a taboo at least not in the metro cities, where the live-in relationships are very common, and you will always find one such person in your friend circle. 

Conclusion (Change is the rule of nature)

This is the rule of nature that every generation finds its preceding generation old-fashioned and the succeeding generation newfangled/ultramodern. If you will ask me to explain this in one word I would say the generation gap. This happens because of the evolution of technology, ideas, and thinking which becomes better with every passing generation. 

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