Egalitarian womanhood.

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Egalitarian womanhood.

On a hot sunny day, just when I was dwindling to say yes to my cook for coffee, she struck a dialogue so stereotypical that I had to say - No!

Cook: Amma, “My daughter in law has failed to give birth to a child in all these years of marriage”

Me: What’s her age, and how long has she been married for?

Cook: All the women who got married around the same age have been highly productive really with one or two kids, it’s been three long years, she’s one waster I got my son hooked with! Not one skill she’s got that i can flaunt of, she always drapes that dull clothing with no jewellery, I feel so miserable Amma.

Well I never, what a brutal intimidating cult is ours, we are eating up our own race by exchanging hatred, criticism and by being actively judgemental - a women cannot always be a subject to study by those imposter, cut some slack for the Femina of this age to get her a step closer in the making of cognitive, perpetual race with more power to us! 

In view of this act of crucifixion of our purest traits, my dear ladies there is a strong need to revisit womanhood, let’s all vouch for that egalitarian tribe in getting the patent to support another women/ cult in need for a sustainable feminism - “let’s be treated right by our OWN (one women respecting another) and then face this brutal world” 

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