The Shelf life of a Woman: Do women Expire?

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The Shelf life of a Woman: Do women Expire?

A woman’s lifecycle is very fragile, you can’t afford to gamble with the decisions you make over your life as a woman. Unlike men who can do so much even at 80 years, women fall into a category that limits their development and viability right after 30 years of age. The way nature and society have crafted the lifespan of a woman is that at one short time a woman will be in the limelight without struggling at any one time to get people’s approval. During this time, she will get the impression that she is at the top of the world. She’ll get deceived that life will always be this way, while every Tom Dick and Harry wants to date her curvy self.  

This is usually between 20 years and 28 years of age. Immediately after this brief period of being in the hall of fame, reality hits. From there onwards, she stands the risk of spending the rest of her life in a miserable cocoon where society sees nothing special in her. This is unless she had prepared herself well in her short period of fame. Normally, social researchers have stated that the expiry date of a woman hits at 30 and once menopause hits, that lady is written off. The only thing that will determine her viability and approval in the society after menopause is what she did between 23 years (end of adolescence) and 30 years (expiry date).

Unfortunately, even after the prior warnings, women get at these prime ages (20-30 yrs.) to prepare well for the shock that’s coming after 30, most women don’t take these things seriously and sooner or later they realize that life was just another unfair gameplay. The same men, who wanted to get between her thighs at 22, now want something fresh, which obviously she can’t supply at 35. Her once soft skin now starts wilting, flopped breasts, the wrinkles, and waxy hands are not a pretty sight anymore. Kaboom! She’s hit her “Sell by date 30:1: 30 “age.

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