Does meditation help in improving mental health?

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Does meditation help in improving mental health?

We all know that the entire world is going through a very dark phase due to the ongoing pandemic. It's proving to be fatal and there's no escape from it. With so much trouble and distress, where people's lives are at stake, we are all experiencing a huge rise in panic and chaos which further leads to anxiety attacks. So in order to overcome it, we can practice these forms of meditation that can be easily done anytime and anywhere.

It's not always necessary to be a spiritual practitioner of meditation. One should meditate for mindfulness, according to Buddha.

Let's look at the various forms of meditation.

1. Five-Minutes Meditation :

Though five minutes may seem like a really less amount of time, it's in fact quite enough for a person to meditate effectively and set the right tone throughout your day. We live in this continuous hustle and bustle round-the-clock with hundreds of daily distractions. This five-minutes guided meditation will help people in counter balancing the busyness by providing a method to reduce stress, increase attention and efficiency, and enhance mindfulness.

2. Mindfulness Meditation :

It's important for an individual to simply pause, take a short break and just let go of everything during a day as a daily activity. Mindfulness meditation helps us become aware of our own self and we tend to feel more present in the moment. This practice brings us inner peace, calm state of mind and stillness within oneself thereby allowing that calmness and mindfulness to carry in whatever we think, feel or do.

So, meditation acts as a channel for communication easing anxiety and lifting our moods.

3. Yoga Meditation :

Yoga provides a thorough and integrated package for happy living. It gives us a chance to connect with our spiritual soul. The inner core of our being. Yoga cleanses our body, mind and breath of all the stress and negative vibrations around us. With daily practice of Yoga asanas one can draw clarity, balance of body & mind. It also supports body flexibility thereby making you healthier and alert. These benefits - balance, flexibility, alertness that we gain through yoga doesn't only show results on our body but also reflects the same in our actions and attitude as well.

Yoga and meditation together brings harmony in our lives in both inner and outer surroundings.

4. Spiritual meditation :

Spiritual meditation provides us inner strength and imbibes a optimistic outlook. Being spiritual means being connected to your soul and live in a happy state of mind. It means living in the moment, focusing on the present and having your faith bigger than your fears. Spirituality means responding rather than reacting to a situation. It means having a deep sense of connection to your your higher self. Having a sense of attachment and learning the art of detachment at the same time.

Spiritual meditation brings in you a non-changing sense of self.

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