50 Celebrities Around The World Who Swear By Yoga

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50 Celebrities Around The World Who Swear By Yoga

Yoga is a 5000-year-old practice that has many benefits to the human body and mind in terms of wellness and healthy living. June 21 marks the 3rd International Day of Yoga where this healthy practice is celebrated across the globe. 

Many people around the world have embraced yoga to better their lifestyle and be healthier. We list out celebrities who have taken up the practice and improved their lives considerably.

The UN General Assembly made it official in December 2014 and the first Yoga Day was celebrated in 2015 and has been celebrated every year since. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had suggested the date be June 21 as it is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Here are 50 celebs who swear by yoga:

Alessandra Ambrosio

The Victoria's Secret Angel does yoga and pilates with her son Noah to stay fit and walk the ramp.    

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

Adam Levine

The frontman of the band 'Maroon 5', actor, and reality TV star used to do gym workouts for long hours but they turned out to be harmful. He then turned to yoga and practices it before all his shows. frontman of the band 'Maroon 5', actor, and reality TV star used to do gym workouts for long hours but they turned out to be harmful. He then turned to yoga and practices it before all his shows.

(Image Courtesy: Buzznugs)

Vanessa Hudgens
The High School Musical star practices yoga as it keeps her mind off from the recent demise of her father. 

(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail)

Christy Turlington
The CEO and founder of 'Every Mother Counts' was the cover girl of Harper Bazaar's January 2014 issue. She has been practicing yoga for the past 18 years.
(Image Courtesy: Vogue Paris)
The vocalist and guitarist of the band 'The Police' has been doing Tantra yoga with his wife of 27 years, Trudie Styler.

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

Drew Barrymore
After her split from husband Will, the former Charlie's Angels actress has resorted to yoga with her daughter, Olive as it keeps her calm.    
(Image Courtesy: US Magazine)
Robert Downey, Jr
With big blockbusters like Iron Man, The Avengers and Sherlock Holmes under his hat, he is one of the best known global actors. However, he has been addicted to drugs since the age of eight due to his father. 21 years ago, he was arrested for possession of drugs and a gun. Now, he has beaten his addiction with the help of yoga.   

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

Kim Kardashian
The reality TV personality has been reportedly doing 'naked yoga' with husband and rapper, Kanye West.

(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail) 

Britney Spears
2007 is said to be the worst year in the pop star's personal life when she shaved her head and admitted herself in a rehab facility and had a divorce. 10 years later, she has started a yoga workout regime and the world is applauding.    

(Image Courtesy: Shape Magazine)
Ivanka Trump
The assistant and daughter of US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump likes to stay in shape through yoga. 

(Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

Kate Hudson
The Golden Globe nominee practices meditation and kundalini yoga which combines asanas, mantras and meditation.  

(Image Courtesy: Healthy Celeb)

Jessica Alba
This American actress does a yogic routine called YogaSculpt which combines workout and yoga.
(Image Courtesy: Pop Sugar)

Gisele Bundchen 
This Brazillian supermodel swears by yoga. She has a fit body even after having two children and practices Anusara yoga and meditation.

(Image Courtesy: Shape Magazine)
Carmen Electra
The model and actress likes to do yoga by her pool in her LA house.     

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Woody Harrelson
The 55-year old Emmy Award winner has been doing yoga for over a decade and thinks that "yoga and smoking joint are very similar things."   

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Matthew McConaughey
The Interstellar star likes to stay fit by practicing yoga on the beach with his pup.    

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

Sophia Bush
The One Tree Hill actress recently said in The Chalkboard Mag she is getting "more passionate about [her] health" through yoga. 
(Image Courtesy: Got Celeb)
Miranda Kerr
The Australian supermodel has been doing yoga for over a decade under a renown yoga instructor, Charlotte Dodson.

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

Denise Richards
The actress and former model is 46 but her fit figure due to consistent yoga makes that number seem decades away.    

(Image Courtesy: Spotlight Celebrity)

Jennifer Aniston
The Friends star does spin-yoga with the help of her trainer, Mandy Ingber who also has a set of DVDs. Aniston got the abs and a hot body even though she's nearing 50 - all because of practicing yoga and workout sessions.    
(Image Courtesy: Yoganonymous)
Miley Cyrus
The 24-year old pop star showed how flexible she really is when she showed her Ashtanga asana moves at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

(Image Courtesy: YogaDork)

Hugh Jackman
The Wolverine star keeps his hunky body fit with a daily morning yoga session.    

(Image Courtesy: NDTV Food)

Gwyneth Paltrow
Paltrow wakes up as early as 4 AM to practice yoga. Like Cyrus, Paltrow also is a practitioner of Ashtanga yoga and has started her own classes. She has been doing yoga for the past 20 years and is also a fan of prenatal yoga.

(Image Courtesy: DoYouYoga)

The 58-year-old is known as the "Queen of Pop & Yoga" and is a pro at Ashtanga yoga. She has also shown how flexible she is in many of her live performances.

(Image Courtesy: Today In Madonna History)

Lady Gaga
She is the queen of all things weird, and so why shouldn't the same go for her yoga style? She recently did naked yoga and meditation in a secluded forest area.    

(Image Courtesy: Barstool Sports)
Jeniffer Lopez
We love her rock hard physique. All thanks to her uncompromised Yoga sessions.

(Image Courtesy: Pyxurs)

January Jones
She has incorporated Yoga and stretching programs into her schedule and never misses them.

(Image Courtesy: The Superficial)

Demi Moore
Cleansing juices and regular Yoga sessions help her maintain her trim figure.
(Image Courtesy: OhFact!)
Emma Stone
The redheaded starlet is a cool-headed girl and she owes this to Yoga.   
(Image Courtesy: EOnline)

Kendra Wilkinson
She is Yoga regular and never misses a class.    
(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail)
Tori Spelling
Yoga has turned her into a glowing mom.    

(Image Courtesy: EOnline)

Charlize Theron
She can never forget to find time to squeeze in a productive Yoga session into her super-busy schedule.    

(Image Courtesy: EOnline)

Ryan Gosling
He does Yoga for rejuvenating his mind and shaping his body. And for memes!

(Image Courtesy: YogiApproved)

Hilaria Baldwin
She releases all her tension when she meditates in a Yoga pose.    

(Image Courtesy: The Bump)

From Yoga fundraisers to Ashtanga Yoga, she has mastered the technique with grace.   

(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail)

David Beckham
David and his wife Posh Spice spend time together doing Yoga. They are always well dressed and they have some best pairs of Yoga pants.

(Image Courtesy: BuzzNugs)

Jessica Biel
Yoga for Jessica is more of an elongating thing and she does Yoga two times a week.   

(Image Courtesy: Celebuzz) 

Russel Brand
He is into transcendental meditation and Kundalini Yoga and has quite mastered the move.   

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Orlando Bloom
The Lord Of The Rings trilogy actor knows archery, horse riding, canoeing, and Yoga.    

(Image Courtesy: Clear Lifestyles)

Justin Timberlake
Justin is a fan of Yoga and he practices it regularly, even at the most unusual places. His wife Jessica Biel loves to see him bent for a Yoga asana on their boat.

(Image Courtesy: YogaDark)

Colin Farrel
This Irish heartthrob likes to be fit and fine by hitting the mat.   

(Image Courtesy: Radar Online)

You must have seen her making some stunning Yoga poses while she posted her pictures on social media.   

(Image Courtesy: Yoga For Exercise) 

Tom Hanks
For Tom Hanks, Yoga is the best thing that can ever happen to a person.

(Image Courtesy: BuddyTV)

Russel Simmons
Music, fashion, Yoga and what not! His palms are on Yoga mats at least once in a day.    

(Image Courtesy: Elephant Journal)

DJ Goldie
He loves doing Bikram Yoga and has co-founded Yogangster, clothing line for Yoga.    

(Image Courtesy: TimeOut)

Megan Markle
She loves Yoga and practices asanas with her royal boyfriend Prince Harry.   

(Image Courtesy: World Yoga News)

Tony Parrish
NFL safety Tony Parrish is as balanced on the Yoga sheets as he is on the field.    

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

LeBron James
This famous basketball player is a big fan of Yoga and has led Yoga sessions for teen athletes in Los Angeles.   

(Image Courtesy: Catherine Annis)

Jeremy Piven
The Entourage actor loves to spend time on mats, which totally makes him hot.

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest) 

Olivia Wild
She took prenatal Yoga classes as she prepared for her first baby.

(Image Courtesy: Perez Hilton) 

Lindsay Lohan
She does 'erotic yoga' known as S Factor. After spending time in rehab and jail for probation violation, Lohan has turned to yoga and meditation.

(Image Courtesy: AOL)

(Featured Image Courtesy: WikiGrewal)

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