How to stay Healthy during the Winter Season?

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How to stay Healthy during the Winter Season?

In winter, the sun sets earlier, a chill fills the air, and we spend less time outside being active and more time inside eating starchy and sugary foods. Our hibernating instinct doesn’t keep us healthy. Rather, our immune system takes a hit, allowing winter colds and flus to grab hold.Luckily, there are certain things you can do to keep your energy up, your immune system strong and your body healthy all winter long. follow this “Health Tips for winter season”

Health Tips For Winter Season

#1. Build Immunity

Exercise to build your immunity. Research suggests that by working out and making your heart pump a little faster you strengthen your immune system.If you’re already sick, the general rule of thumb is that you can continue to do so if the symptoms are experienced above the neck, such as stuffy noses and sore throats. If, however, you have a temperature and are experiencing aches and pains in your body you should rest and give the gym a skip.Don’t worry, be happy. It’s a well-known fact that a positive attitude can boost your immune system.

#2. Have A Hearty breakfast

Winter is the perfect season for porridge. Eating a warm bowlful on a cold morning isn’t just a delicious way to start your day, it also helps boost your intake of starchy foods and fibre.These foods give you energy and help you feel fuller for longer, stopping the temptation to snack mid-morning. Oats also contain lots of vital vitamins and minerals.Make your porridge with semi-skimmed, 1% or skimmed milk, or water, and don’t add sugar or salt. Add a sliced banana, berries or other fruit for extra flavour and to help you hit your 5 A Day target.

#3. Buy Plenty Of Hand Sanitizer

When researchers from Children’s Hospital in Boston studied 292 families for 5 months, they found that those who carried hand sanitizer with them had 59% fewer cases of stomach bugs than nonusers. That’s because, when used correctly—squirt out enough gel so your hands still feel damp after rubbing together for 10 to 15 seconds—these products nearly eliminate germs.

#4. Try New Activities For The Whole Family

Don’t use the cold winter months as an excuse to stay in and lounge around. Instead, get out with the whole family to try out a new activity –maybe ice skating, or taking a bracing winter walk on the beach or through the park.

Regular exercise helps control your weight, boost your immune system, and is a good way to break the tension that can build if the family is constantly cooped up inside the house.

#5.Drink More Milk

You are more likely to get a cold in winter, so make sure your immune system is in tip-top condition.Milk and dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais are great sources of:


-vitamins A and B12

-calcium, which helps keep our bones strong

Choose semi-skimmed, 1% or skimmed milk – rather than full-fat – and low-fat plain yoghurts.

#6. Handy Hands

Hands are described as a germ factory for a reason, so be sure to wash your hands several times throughout the day using a sanitizer.While warm soap and water also work, make sure you don’t rush the process and wash your hands for at least 20-seconds to kill all germs.Use a paper towel to dry your hands and close the tap so that you don’t come into contact with germs once again after washing them.Keep your hands away from your nose and mouth wherever possible so that they don’t attract additional germs. And if you need to sneeze, try to do so in the crook of your arm so that the germs on your hands don’t come into contact with your nose.Try and eat with a knife and fork so that germs are not transferred from your hands to your food.

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The season of winters is one merry season which often accompanies with excitement and joy of holidays. While that’s one side to it, the other side is rather its negative as winter couples with dryness of skin. Every winter, I have to take extra care of my skin to ensure I do not become a victim of dryness and bad skin because of the cold temperature. Thus, the best that I do is use Aloe Vera to the maximum. I stack lots and lots of it in the fridge and apply it half an hour before the hot shower. It does wonders to the skin. It not only nourishes it with the lost nutrients, but flushes my skin with glow and radiance. Not just that, sitting in the sun can also be really good for your skin. The natural warmth that you gain from the sunlight, along with the Vitamin intake will help to restore the same old grace to your skin. With these remedies at hand, I hardly use any moisturizer and yet maintain a good skin, even in the dry season.

Dear Reader,

Winters are all about cold breezes, hot coffees, and furry clothing. But what about the infections that it brings with it? No matter how hard we try, most of us end up catching a cold or a fever. We set our experts to work and figure out some feasible options which can help you stay healthy this winter season. Here’s all you need to do:

#1. Change Your Toothbrush

Yes, now that you are accustomed to washing your hands regularly to avoid bacterial contact, make sure you change your toothbrush after suffering from a cold, a viral infection or a sore throat. Dentists suggest that the bacteria can hide in the smooth brush of your toothbrush and can re-infect. Keep a spare toothbrush handy in winters.

#2. Take The Light

A lot of Americans suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in winters when the lights diminish. To counter SAD, ask your doctor to prescribe you the lamps and box lights which are designed to treat the disorder. To keep your kids upbeat, help them get off the couch and take a troll in the lawns on a sunny day.

#3. Keep Yourself High On Water

Keeping your body dehydrated will leave you more vulnerable to getting sick. Water helps the body to carry nutrients to cells and get rid of unwanted toxins. Without enough water, you start dragging. Experts recommend drinking water equal to half your weight every day.

#4. Moisturize Your Skin

Give yourself a moisture loaded massage every day after a hot water shower. Don’t skip the sunscreens before stepping out of your house. Skin takes a beating in winters and hence makes it very important to keep it moisturized to avoid cracking.

#5. Keep Vitamin C Handy

Yes, most of your cold and cough comes from lack of Vitamin C in the body. Keep the vitamin C tablets handy and keep popping the orange candy whenever you feel the risk of catching any of these bacteria.

#6. Clean Your Nose Regularly

Sounds gross right? But regular rinsing of your nose can prevent you from catching any sinus infections and allergies. Pour or squirt some of the mixtures of water and soda in one nostril, while holding the other nostril shut. Repeat on the other side and blow your nose.

We hope the information we shared was useful and will help you stay safe in winters. If you have any more queries that you wish to share, drop in a message here and we will revert with a solution. Click here to post queries! 

Happy winters!

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The winter is my absolute favorite season but the problem lies in staying fit. As the temperate plummets, the chilly air makes it difficult to keep up with the health regimen and you eat anything and everything that you get your hands on. This is when it gets even more crucial to keep a check on what you eat. Soluble fiber, which is found in oats, apples and nuts is a great way to control inflammation as well as boost the immune system function. In addition to that, you must also eat more green vegetables such as spinach as these are rich in sugars and fats. As for me, I also find it difficult to keep up my gym routine during the chilly season. It makes me feel lazy and even the thought of heading out to the gym is something that I cannot bear then. So, what I do is I do not go out just for the gym, I combine activities like grocery shopping with gyming and other.

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