Which is a Better Season: Summer or Winter?

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Which is a Better Season: Summer or Winter?

Which season is better, summer or winter, is really a personal choice. It remains unclear as to who chooses what. Some may choose to wear more clothes during the winter and feel crazy over the idea of cuddling with their special someone wrapped under the cozy blanket. However, a few others may feel comfortable even during the scorching sun falling on their naked bodies as they would hop and enjoy the summer season. 

The debate between summers and winters will never end, and it's up to you which season you prefer more - summer or winter.

Which Season Is Better Summer Or Winter?

The debate between summer and winter is quite a subjective discussion. It's a never-ending battle, and this is all that you need to know about the two.

Summer vs Winter?

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Here are the reasons why summer is the best season:

#1. It's a long holiday season. People are free from stress and enjoy the sunshine.

#2. Everyone gets more leisure-time to pursue their hobbies and spend a relaxing time.

#3. The season remains warm, unlike the harsh snowy winter season.

 #4. Why is summer supreme? It absolutely calls for spontaneity! You get to swim, lurk at the beach, go for adventure sports and hang around with friends or family.

why summer is the best season

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#5. Summer season compensates the gloominess of winters.

#6. The seasons looks full of color and vibrancy.

#7. One can easily feel motivated to exercise during summers and embrace their fitness.

why summer is the best season

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#8. Clothing  options are endless.)

#9. You can make use of creative Instagram filters to make everyone feel envious. Setup an umbrella at your favorite picnic spot and simply start clicking.

#10. What do people prefer in general, winter or summer? No one can accurately tell, but what everyone likes is ice cream. Popsicle treats are pretty awesome and refreshing during summers.

#11. One can travel abroad and have an experience of a lifetime.

#12. Several films are released during the summer time. You can watch all the blockbusters and beat your monotony.

#13. It's a break time even for schools. That 6-weeks-off is what kids keep waiting for.

Here are the reasons why winter is the best season:

#1. Winter is a snuggly season. No matter how cold it gets, you can always cuddle under your blanket and keep yourself warm. It's difficult to sweat rather than snuggle!

#2. Snow covered roads, trees, vehicles, in fact, every single thing looks and feels beautiful. Don't you love creating a snowman? Yes, you do!

Here are the reasons why winter is the best season:

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#3. Summer activities can be equally enjoyable during winters. You can go for hiking, biking, mountain tours and much more.

#4. Hot chocolate milk under the blanket with your favorite book. What else does one need for that inner peace?

#5. The outside air feels so much fresher and rejuvenating. Take a deep breath and air exhibits purity.

#6. Do you like winter or summer? Whatever may be your answer, don't forget, winter time is Christmas time!

#7. You can flaunt your fancy and uber cool hoodies, jackets and leather boots.

Here are the reasons why winter is the best season:

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#8. Winters definitely drain out lesser energy.

#9. Winters are no less than any other romantic film 

#10. Sometimes you can even skip your Sunday morning shower!

#11. In case you get into the shower, warm water tranquility doesn't let you come out.

#12. Bonfires, alcohol, and sweets sum up your every other day.

Here are the reasons why winter is the best season:

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#13. You might not even have to shave every day. 

Liked what you just read? Want to add any opinions to the best season debate? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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