Summer Blues: 21 Cool Drinks To Beat The Heat

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Summer Blues: 21 Cool Drinks To Beat The Heat

With sun hovering above the head and mercury rising with each day passing, it is becoming more important to stay hydrated with increased intake of liquids during the day. By liquids, one doesn’t need to restrict themselves to water or juices. Rather, to beat the heat and summer blues, one must enjoy mocktails rich in Vitamin E!

Here are some amazing coolers that one can drink to beat the scorching heat of the summers and refresh themselves!

#1. Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

(Image Courtesy: Closet Cooking)

There’s nothing better than the taste of blueberry with a tinge of lemon!

#2. June Bug

(Image Courtesy: The Food Charlatan)

Let the sherbat drops fuse with icy cool fizz, till the coral color gains its depth!

#3. Cucumber Sangria

(Image Courtesy: Always Order Dessert)

Instead of the authentic Sangria, indulge in this drink and rejuvenate yourself with the freshness of cucumber!

#4. Pineapple Mojito

(Image Courtesy: Baked Bree)

If you are a fan of pineapple and mint leaves, then this drink is totally made for you! This tropical mojito is all you need to beat the heat!

#5. Strawberry Lime Slush

(Image courtesy: Amazing Grass)

Who doesn’t like nice thick smoothies in summers? The drink rich in strawberry and lemon will drain all the tiredness!

#6. Sparkling Iced Honey-Lime Red Tea

(Image Courtesy: Woman's Day)

Tired of having peach and lemon iced teas? Try this amazing new flavor! The sweetness of honey, coupled with the sour flavor of lime and bitter tinge of tea will drive your fatigue away!

#7. Summer Fruit Daiquiris

(Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet)

From mango and peaches to strawberries, this drink has it all! Indulge in the ultimate flavor of the fruits and experience an exotic feeling.

#8. Rose Cucumber Lemonade

(Image Courtesy: Andrew Zimmern)

While most of us have tried Rose lemonade, let’s add a twist to the drink with cucumber.

#9. Watermelon cooler

(Image Courtesy: Betty Crocker)

If you feel dehydrated, this is the best drink to cure the dizziness. Watermelon flushes the system with water and keeps you hydrated!

#10. Pisco Sour

(Image Courtesy: Taste Cocktails)

Tired of drinking virgin mojito? Try this new drink. Although the ingredients are the same, there’s something different and refreshing about the drink.

#11. Lemonade

(Image Courtesy: Epicurious)

What’s a better and more refreshing drink than lemonade itself?!

#12. Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

(Image Courtesy: Youtube)

Imagine drinking this cool drink and enjoying the flavor of the exotic fruit! Sinful, isn’t it?

#13. Raspberry Spritzer

(Image Courtesy: Dr. Weil)

Give your drinks rich in calorie a miss and switch to a healthy alternative.

#14. Lavender Peach Cooler

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Lemon juice, dried lavender and lots of peaches! All that's required to enjoy a marvelous drink.

#15. Apricot Fizz

(Image Courtesy: Foodviva Cocktails)

Love Apricots? Slice them into fine pieces, immerse them in the fizz and allow the taste to develop.

#16. Kiwi Lemonade Spritzer

(Image Courtesy:

If you love the combination of sweet and tart, then this drink is custom made for you! The well-balanced flavor will beat the heat.

#17. Instant Horchata

(Image Courtesy: Two Sleevers)

A tad different from other drinks, it's sweetened rice milk with a tinge of cinnamon to add the essence. If you are a risk taker, try the drink!

#18. Chocolate Cherry Shake

(Image Courtesy: Blender Babes)

Laden with ice cream, chocolate syrup, cherries and whipped cream, it's a shake not many have the heart to refuse!

#19. Vanilla and Fresh Cherry Bourbon Mocktail

(Image Courtesy: Yummly)

Vanilla essence, cherries and fresh pieces of Bourbon; what a divine combination!

#20: Strawberry Chamomile Martini

(Image Courtesy: DrinkWire)

As exquisite as the name sounds, the drink is wonderful with a blended ginger base, chamomile, mint leaves and strawberry.

#21. Wildcat cooler

(Image Courtesy: Hungry Forever)

The summer cooler is as wild as the name! This mix of blueberries, sugar, lemon juice and water, is all you need to stay refreshed all day long.

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