Natural ways to stay cool this summer

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Natural ways to stay cool this summer

The summer heat is kicking. Heat waves can destroy our health. 

There are many natural ways to stay cool this summer -

  1. Take a shower. Pouring water on your body, helps you stay cool. Cold water will bring your temperature down.
  2. Make sure that your children are drinking adequate water.
  3. Drink lots of water. During the summer increase the intake of water.
  4. Soak, your feet in cold water. This will keep your body cool.
  5. Go out for a swim, with your children.
  6. Opt for a fruit diet. Watermelon is the best fruit to consume in the summers. Avoid fruits like papaya, pineapple and jack-fruit. These fruits are heat inducing.
  7. The oil helps to cool your body. Massage your head with natural oils.
  8. Quit alcohol this summer. Alcohol causes heat in your body.
  9. Lemon juice cools your body. It will cleanse your digestive system. Add mint to lemon juice.
  10. Add ice to your drinks.
  11. Vegetables like cucumber and tomato help you remain cool.
  12. Natural fruit juices also keeps you hydrated.
  13. Keep your neck cool. Keep your hair short or pin them up.
  14. Wear loose cotton clothing. These fabrics allow your body to release heat and breathe well.
  15. Opt for tea. Tea has more cooling effect on your body. Coffee induces heat in the body.
  16. Apply Aloe Vera gel all over your body. Aloe Vera has cooling effects.

Happy summers to you !

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Summer is hot and I always stay hot during summer. 

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