Self realisation is the best way to motivate yourself

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Self realisation is the best way to motivate yourself

Three fundamentals to happy life.

1. Expect less.

2. Trust wisely.

3. Believe in yourself.

Life is short, no one knows when will our life get to an end.

Never expect anything from anyone, if you’re expectations are high and the other person on whom you have expected cannot reach to your expectations then you generally feel bad, in some case if it is with special person (your love) you get depressed. It may leed to many wrong things. So better we keep our expectations low and feel satisfied. 

Trust wisely, Trust is something which we cannot get for second time. If once the trust is broken then it difficult to build  again. We trust people easily without knowing completely about them and fir the rest of our life we hesitate to trust even a good person. Always think twice before you trust anyone, so that you don’t regret for rest of your life. And also remember never break anyone’s trust, because they will also have to go through the same situation as you will go. As Jesus Christ said “Do unto others, what you want others to do to you”. 

Believe in yourself, We generally search for people to motivate ourselves and boost our confidence. Do you think it is necessary? I think “no”. The best person to motivate you is none other than ourself. We know ourself better than other people, we know our capacity,our Aims,our Goals. The only simple method is,close your eyes and Imagine that you have reached your goals,you are enjoying your successful life,after you imagine every part of your success. Open your eyes, And realise were you stand, what is your current position, how much you need to work hard to reach that position. Self realisation is the best way to motivate yourself.

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