How to Believe in Yourself when Odds are Against you?

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How to Believe in Yourself when Odds are Against you?

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” - Honore de Balzac

You have a voice in your head that keeps saying you cannot do this. It says that you aren’t good enough for this. Every time you set a goal, this voice criticizes and makes it difficult for you. Even when you are struggling, it gets you down.

But you know what, self-doubt is greedy! It makes you feel like a loser. You easily let it steal away your happiness. And this is when you perceive that all odds are against you and there's nowhere to turn. But, positive thinking can make even the seasons turn! And winning against all odds becomes like a child's play. So, this is how you can have faith in yourself and not be left as another starving artist!

How Can You Believe In Yourself?

#1. Acceptance Is A Bliss

Want to win against all odds? Then remember - Whosoever you are, female or a male, stronger or a meek, healthy or ill, none of these things matter. This is the first step to believing in yourself.  What matters are the emotions and understanding that your mind and heart contain. At times, dissatisfaction along with resistance makes it worse when you opt for fighting back. This is why we advise you to stop worrying about the chaos present in your life, it is normal. Even if the circumstances are critical, tell it to yourself that you need to accept the situation. Once you accept the things happening to you is when you can actually find sure shot solutions to the problems.  Acceptance helps you find the needed balance. Acceptance is beautiful and it helps you cope with just any kind of condition.

But exactly how to have faith in yourself and trust the current situations? Start each day with a grateful heart. Thank the supreme power for all that you have as they are the things that you have achieved in life. Thank the supreme power for the things you do not have as they might not be the things that you deserve or they might be the situations teaching you to evolve even further. Appreciate the people you have in your life and those who left you. Darkness too opens the door of enlightenment and all of the challenges you face are there for you to truly feel the light within. 

I believe that I am suffering from a disease, but the lamp of life isn't perfect. However, I am the wick inside, which is there to burn and observe the light shining brightly. Isn't this such a beautiful way to accept yourself in the world that's ever ready to bring you down?

#2. Do Not Let Fear Stop You

“Always do what you are afraid to do.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You do not have to spend your life feeling bad about yourself. Simply let all the worries go and find peace at the end. The things you are scared of are basically the false pieces of evidence that appear to be real for you. Fear is all a mind game that hinders your performances. It actually holds you back from believing who you are and from achieving your goals. Fears blur the steps to believing in you! Do not ever fog up your fortune ball just because you are afraid it would shine bright and get noticed by everyone else!

#3. Let In Some Positivity

How to have faith in yourself? Do not allow any kind of garbage to enter into your mind and heart. And this pertains to situations that you face in your real life along with the toxicity you consume from the virtual world. Don't let that eat your mind. Simply cut all the crap from your life and make a way for positivity to enter. Adopt a positive attitude towards each and everything. I understand how difficult this approach is, but once you start practicing the same, you will realize how beautiful life is and how worthy you are. A positive attitude makes sure that you enhance your belief system and also get high with confidence. When all odds are against you and there's nowhere to turn, turn to positivity, you won't regret.

#4. Talk To Yourself

To inculcate the habit of having faith in myself, I have stopped asking myself if I can do a particular task or if I am good enough for it or not. Now, I ask myself what it will take for me to give my absolute best, no matter what the situations are. And how I have transformed my thinking? By scheduling that "me-time" so I can talk with my inner self, the higher self that has all the answers. As we are the ones who will create who we become. 

Therefore, self-talk becomes important and it also helps motivate us to not seek for approval. The person who is self-sufficient can never fall for the less deserved. He/ she is the one to feed their brain that they can and they will. Because when you tell your brain that there is no other choice, you definitely give your best to every situation no matter the odds.

#5. All Odds Against You And Nowhere To Turn? Recall Your Good Times!

To get yourself motivated again, you will have to, at times, think about those good old days and accomplishments that led you to the way you are now at. Recall the times when you actually kicked your butt to push yourself forward. This is like a playing a role - you have to put yourself in the shoes of your past and experience the glory of your previous self. Personally speaking, I used to be a rebel earlier, but gradually I became a sober version of me. Being sober is good, however, there are times when you need to break open that shell.

So, I realized that I wasn't making use of the opportunities that each day offered me. So, I got myself into the previous mode and became a (positive) rebel again. Life is much sorted now. And I efficiently used my past experiences to overcome my failures.


#6. Find Yourself A Coach

This is one advice I keep suggesting to even the members of my family and friends along with colleagues - Surround yourself with genuine supporters or at least one of them who inspires you to live life to the fullest. Find yourself a coach who can give your life a meaningful direction. No matter how crazy or how boring you might be, getting that one advisor is never impossible. It can be difficult to identify who is there for you in genuine terms, but when you find that person, existence becomes easier to handle.

If not from the family, seek out for professional help. He or she can be the one to help you identify your true capabilities, as sometimes it is someone else who can see the spark within us. They can be the one who helps you focus on your goals and accomplishments.

#7. Stop Listening To People Who Bring You Down

Why do this? Because a majority of them are toxic! You will meet a hundred people in your life who are ready to laugh with you. But they are those people who will not hesitate to laugh at you at you back or bring your morale down. For that matter, do not listen to the pieces of advice that even the internet has to offer. If you think you are going the right way, let it be so. At least you would never regret in life that you couldn’t do the things you wanted to. Let there be some part of you in every situation!

#8. Start Loving Yourself

“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.” – Rumi

Loving yourself is one of the most important things to winning against all odds. When you start to appreciate who you are is when you will gain confidence in also presenting yourself the same way before others. Get in all your courage, energy and strength to access the light within you. You might find it difficult but my friend, remember, you just have one short life and regrets along with self-criticism shouldn't be allowed all the time. Give yourself the pleasure to understand your "me" space. Meditate, journal your activities and make sure you do things that make you believe in yourself and not doubt your abilities.

#9. Go With The Flow

It gets pretty confusing when someone advises you to go with the flow. But, this particular suggestion arises a question, "is planning for the future vision not necessary?" A very natural thought, I must say. But this is exactly what you need to understand. There should always be a balance maintained in whatever you take up. Overly indulging in something always is considered to be bad. It becomes a kind of addiction. So, to manage such a situation from affecting your day to day routine, definitely, plan your visions but also believe in going with the flow when required.

Allow your life to follow its natural course. It is only when you accept the natural flow that you will realize how marvelous everything is. When you let your life guide you through the way, it showers you with several blessings. Learn to relax at the things given to you. And learn to mold them accordingly when need be. Fly, run, walk or crawl but the essence should remain same - you need to keep moving forward.

#10. Find A Purpose For Your Existence

On and off you might be reading and listening everywhere how people advise you to find a purpose to life. However, what we do even after all those suggestion is just relax and have fun. But, don't you think having a purpose completes your existence? You might say that you didn't choose this life. But, now that it is given to you, can't you make it worth living? What's wrong in identifying your true self? You cannot leave your life to the hands of destiny and assume that someday you will reach the endpoint. No, it does not happen that way. Each one of us is responsible to create our individual roadmaps to bring out the necessary change. Having faith in yourself requires you to first determine who you are and what the purpose of your life is. Live your passions and fulfill the purposes that will satisfy you in the end instead of regret.

#11. Accept Compliments

Just the way you instantly accept all the criticism thrown at you, make sure you are also accepting the compliments. It is very crucial for you to build your integrity and self-esteem. Do not dismiss the compliments. Instead, accept them and turn them into stepping stones that can be used to hop on the road leading you to your life's purpose. Do not question the authenticity of compliments, not even jokingly. Assume them to be true and also see them turning exactly that way. This is the best way to win against all odds

#12. Do Not Allow Denials To Greatly Impact You

People have a tendency to get affected by the NOs that are thrown at them. But, what they do not realize is that no one ever succeeded without initially being rejected. Therefore, you should accept the fact that rejection is a part of life, but getting impacted from the same is not. You just should be ready to overcome when someone denies in a certain situation. Want to know the essential steps to believing in yourself? Remember that NO is not the final answer, never! So, this is one of the most crucial advice if you want to know how to believe in yourself - do not believe in the no. It does not mean that you cannot do a particular task it simply means that you cannot do it that way.

#13. Effectively Train your Belief System

You should effectively practice the attitude of positive thinking along with fostering the attitude of self-empowerment. Train your brain to accept yourself as a confident individual who is capable of doing just anything. Few of the people are born with this talent but not most of is are lucky enough to feel so. However, it is fair enough to teach our self about newer habits and behaviors. Deliver a positive message to your brain every day so that one day, the mind itself feels empowered to help you grow in the right direction. And as it is, winning against all odds requires you to first win your mind power!


At the end, I would like to suggest my readers that treat yourself like a luxury. Do not let anyone and everyone have an access to what you have. You have a unique structure from that of others. And that is what you need to guard. But, also let in the positives so your soul enlightens. Liked what you just read? Want to read more informational stuff? Or would you like to share with us any of your personal experiences/ opinion? Let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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