How to Be a Witty Person

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How to Be a Witty Person

Being a witty person is not about telling jokes and doing silly things, its about holds own conversation and responds within an unpredictable way. It communicates a sense of confidence, clever and air of intelligence. A witty person can easily seek the attention of another person. A witty person can get what they want because they are able to influence and attract people. A witty person can handle any situation and turn it into something good and positive.

So many people wants to know the secrets of how to be witty.It takes time and needs daily practice but it is the one best thing that anyone can do for success and positivism in life.

This blog suggests seven important tips that will help you be a witty person:

1. Socialize yourself:

The First tip for becoming a witty person is that a witty person loves to go out and socialize with people. A witty person loves to observe how different people behave and interact with others and adjust their behavior accordingly which is socially acceptable. When you pay attention to human behavior you will notice so many things including what people find funny this will help you build your social skills.

2. Learn about what makes people happy:

It is very obvious that what some people find funny may not be funny for others. Being witty it is very important to note or understand what people find funny. It is not about joking or making fun of someone. It is about acting idiotic but just to make others laugh without hurting anybody’s sentiments.. When you know what makes people laugh, you will be able to mark the details in a situation that are funny and then use them to be witty.

3. Stop being judgmental:

To be witty you have to stop judging people. Being judgmental usually passes negative vibes, we know passing judgment is a natural instinct of humans but we can change it by understanding and acceptance. Without judging someone try to understand and accept the things and people as they are. So practice removing judgments from your life.

4. Learn more about body language:

When somebody communicates to you, your facial expressions and gestures tell a more about your interest or nature. It is necessary to know the correct body language so that it becomes easy to identify the person in front of you. Without saying a word you are easily displaying ignorance or prejudice and interest through your body language. In case you have no knowledge about body language then it doesn’t make any sense how witty you are, as if you are sending an opposite message through your body language, your words are going to be valueless.

5. Admit you don’t know everything:

Becoming witty is not very tough you have to apply some rules in your daily life. The first thing is accepting that you don’t know everything and your outlook for viewing things may not be the correct or the best way. The issue is most of the people think they know everything so they are stuck with their thinking and cannot gain an accurate understanding of anything. When you are capable to accept that you don’t know everything then only you can take a step forward towards becoming wise.

6. Work on personal growth:

A witty person uses his/her imagination or original ideas to create something new. Doing something creative gives you guts to take risks, try new things.Working on developing your present talents, discovering new talent and moving towards your dreams and goals that you have in your life. Work on your personal growth you will find its working right.

7. Practice Common Sense:

Another tip for becoming a witty person is that they are able to judge a situation ‘as it is’ without exaggerating things.They see the facts and able to see the truth and capable of differentiating the truth and humor. They are not silly they point out the facts and have good insight into what is happening. Common sense is developed by slowing down and thinking things. Before reacting any situation or comment take some time to think what’s going on get all facts about them. The more you practice the quicker you will be developing common sense and understanding.

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