Is it better to run with or without music?

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Is it better to run with or without music?

Music has been an essential part of human life from time immemorial. Be it tunes we memorise while worshipping our gods or inspiration we derive from lyrics of our favourite songs or the playlists we create for someone special; music is an indispensable part of our lives. But exercising and to be precise, running, has seen a trend where people are disowning music to focus better on their run. On the other hand, people are researching and ordering earphones that are best-suited so that they can start their run from tomorrow. So, which one defines you better? One who would ditch the music and concentrate on the run, or the one who will use music to gain better concentration? Let’s find out. Also, as a bonus, after every argument, you’ll find a song for your running playlist in case you decide to use music.

1. Keep it steady:

They say while running, the most important thing to monitor is your pace. With a different song playing in your ears every 3 minutes, you might disturb your pace and also let your body loose on a more difficult running routine than intended. For some, running without music is magical. You know, 'Hocus Pocus better Focus'? Without music, you not only monitor your pace, but also focus on your breath, your movement, and pain. So, basically, you never know your pain can actually make you a believer!

And isn’t that a song you can add to your playlist? - Believer - Imagine Dragons

2. Musically Motivated:

Talking of music, another theory says and as the whole world already believes that music uplifts the mood while running if what you are listening to is motivating you, you're basically feeding your subconscious with inspiration and enough stimulus to pump you up. So, whether you have an "eye of the tiger" or not, you can definitely use those lyrics to achieve your goals much faster.

An amazing song, also a name suggestion for your playlist - Eye of The Tiger - Survivor

3. Brain Block:

Research shows that many despise to be left alone with their own thoughts. And, running with music not only blocks away the surrounding cacophony but your own sweet thoughts. I think you should be free to decide; whether to showcase them or throw off the bridge. Some suggest, rather than blasting someone else's thoughts in your ears, you might like to give your mind some quality time to process your own thoughts. You never know, it might help in the 'long run'?

Another song suggestion - Did you see what I done?  - J Huz

4. Easy Peasy Muscle Squeezy!

Many think running is liberating and should not be a task, for this, music acts as a constant source of entertainment while your body performs a strenuous activity or your mind fights the anxiety to lose weight. Listening to music while running makes the activity effortless and achievable, you completely shift focus from fatigue and pain to music. This also excites your mind to find the new you. We all have the urge inside of us to completely change our lives - like today I am walking, but I might run a marathon someday, you know 'I went from zero to my own hero'

How can you not add this one? - Roar - Katy Perry

5. Measurable Success:

Without losing yourself or being completely dependent on music, you can actually measure your strength, endurance, and capabilities in a more organised way. You keep a check on yourself, understand what your body needs and get closer to the goal every single day. And rather than falling in love with your running playlist, you might find a higher love.

You’re smiling at these song suggestions, aren’t you? - Higher Love - Kygo and Whitney Houston

So, it's for you to decide whether music acts as a motivation or a distraction. It's turning you into a better person or pushing you into a void. Is it a reason for deciding to run, or an excuse for not going for a run as your earphones stopped working? Music or no music what's helping you in pacing up? What’s your take?

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